A pair of Freebie Friday patterns

So we have a special Freebie Friday this week – 2 patterns by our own Hannah & Jenny K!

Free patterns 

Hannah designed Dwell, the cute and snug little house.  I love this pattern – growing up, my family would set up a little ceramic wintery scene on our coffee table every year from November to January, complete with tiny houses, lakes, trees & people!  Every year, we’d buy a new piece and my sister & I would argue who got to add it to the collection.  So when I saw Hannah’s prototype, I thought how fun it would be to have a whole knitted display instead of the ceramic – at least when our dogs & cats knocked them over, they wouldn’t break! This, sadly, happened to a lot of my family’s pieces over the years.  

And think of all the colors you could use in Palette!  Now I am totally going to start designing my little town!

Hannah came up with the idea for the cover first, and while she was creating Dwell, she asked if Jenny K. & I would help make tiny trees to go along with it. We didn’t really have a pattern to use, until Jenny K. came up with this adorable tree pattern!

It worked out so perfectly, we decided we needed to have another free pattern to go along with Dwell! Once we knit them up in Glimmer, the name obvious – Tinsel Tree!

To confess, I seem to be addicted to making these little trees. I made a couple of them for the catalog cover and helped Jenny knit the samples above.  Then I decided to see how they would look in different sized yarns!

Tiny Trees! 

I wanted to see how worsted & bulky weight would work with the pattern. And I always have various scraps of those weights laying around so I grabbed my needles and got to work!

Tinsel Trees 

The big guy is in Wool of the Andes Bulky in Oregano and ended up about 4 inches tall.  I knit it very tightly on size 6 needles so it would stand up better & only took about an hour to make.  The second one is in Swish Worsted in Parrot and is about 3 inches tall.  Again, I knit it at a tight gauge on size 3 needles.  The original one, for comparison, is in Glimmer White and is a little over 2 inches tall.  I believe I used size 1 needles.

So the possibilities are endless when it comes to the trees!  I’m not brave enough to try laceweight but if someone does, be sure to let me know! I wonder how it would look in Aloft actually? Hmm…

Have fun with these fun free patterns and please show us your houses & trees on our Facebook page or on the Ravelry pattern pages (here’s the one for Tinsel Tree and the one for Dwell)!  We’d love to see them!