A gift from another knitting enthusiast


Apparently knitting is extremely popular in Argentina. In fact, there is a Yarn District in Buenos Aires!

My friend Jody lives in Argentina.  She sent this yarn to me because she thought I would appreciate the uniqueness of this yarn, and she knew I would love the autumn colors!  This yarn is a bulky thick and thin yarn, with orange felted flowers tied to this really interesting art yarn.

I love this yarn, and I’ve been looking for the perfect pattern to show it off.  We just received a copy of Cowl Girls by Cathy Carron

I’m trying to decide between two designs.

I like the mitered shaping over the shoulders. I’m not sure if I have enough yarn. I may ignore the first few rounds and start a bit higher from the bottom. I just like the way it would lay over my shoulders a bit.

This one is a bit safer in terms of not having enough yarn. I would just make it as wide as possible. And, I could find two cool buttons to close it.

What do you think?