Let me introduce you to my drop spindle

Of course, introductions require names. I’ve always named my spinning wheels. My Kromsky Sonata is Elizabeth. My Joy is Amy. But, I never thought about naming my drop spindles.  

The last couple of years I’ve become enamoured with drop spindling. I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty and personality of each of my drop spindles. The surprising productivity that comes from the portability of drop spindles. I am just as likely to grab a spindle and fiber as I head out the door each morning as I am to take along a knitting project.

After reading Abby Franquemont’s transformative book, Respect the Spindle, I began to recognize even more opportunities for spindling. The most interesting was spindling while traveling. A long line at security in airports is an opportunity. Waiting for Bob as he arranges for a rental car – more spindling.

You can see why I was so excited about designing our Knit Picks drop spindle. I am just as enthusiastic about introducing people to drop spindling as I’ve always been about sharing the joys of knitting. I’ve also realized that if I am going to spending so many hours with my drop spindles, they deserve names. I’m focused on my Knit Picks spindle project right now so I am going to start with this spindle.

I’d like to introduce you to Beatrix.