What really happens in the Knit Picks office

The Knit Picks office is a pretty busy place.  We are always working on the catalog, or developing new products.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s all work and no play!

I came to work wearing some awesome crocheted slippers that I bought at Last Thursday (an arts festival in Portland on Alberta Street).  I love how bright and crazy they are!  Stacey wanted to take my picture, and I decided to do a high kick!

Also, I think I’m wearing a checked button down shirt in almost every photo of me on the blog.  I swear that I own more clothes than that!

Kelley has decided that she wants to learn how to juggle and hula hoop!  It turns out, that Alison is a really good juggler and she’s teaching Kelley how to juggle.  Seriously, if you ever are wondering about something random, Alison will have a wealth of information about it.