6 Ways to Wear the Capra Collection

The vision of the Capra collection is heirloom-knitting, creating the types of pieces that will have just as much place in your wardrobe today as it will a decade from now (or a decade ago!). Since we’re the sorts to get the inspirational ball rolling, we’ve assembled six looks using three different pieces from the collection:  A lovely cabled cardigan, a classic scarf and a cleanly-bold pullover.

Dianthe Cardigan by Kathryn McNaughton
Worked from the bottom-up in uncomplicated stitches, the Dianthe Cardigan gets special elevation from diamond cables that run along the body and sleeve.
TRANSITIONAL WEATHER:  I once heard a friend describe her 100% ideal outfit as “jeans, flip-flops and a sweater”; if ever there’s a time when that outfit makes the most weather-sense, it’s right now! Early to mid-Autumn is when layering skills really shine—and the rich diamond motif of the Dianthe Cardi allows you to elevate cozier staples with ease.


OFFICE UPGRADE: Personally, I always feel overheated in my office—but I know a chilly ocean of you folks needs to tote “just-in-case” sweaters to your places of work. The Dianthe Cardigan  is cozy-practical, but also cashmere-luxe and prettily detailed enough to be appropriate for even the most stringent dress codes.


Blazing Autumn Scarf by Rilana Riley-Munson
A simple-yet-delicate scarf that’s worked lengthwise; no-fuss stitches and easily customizable dimensions complete this pattern as an instant go-to for gifting.
LOWER FEATUREA scarf doesn’t have to be an afterthought—it can be an integral part of an outfit! Paired with neat hyper-patterned leggings, its light texture and bright hue balance out an outfit that could otherwise feel bottom-heavy.
PIN-TERESTING DETAIL There’s something kinda retro-fabulous about pinning a scarf into place—but arranging it into a cowl shape and adding contemporary elements (like a denim jacket and leggings) highlight the versatility of the Blazing Autumn scarf.


Phoenix Sweater by Tian Connaughton
Knit in the round from bottom-up, the Phoenix Sweater is perfectly-fitted and boasts bold stripes of color that are both classic and modern.
BOLD + BREEZYI love a good dichotomy! Pairing the structured color-blocking of the Phoenix Sweater with a floaty, romantic skirt is contrast perfection—and a solid pair of early 20th century-style boots really round out this outfit (with a nod to both aesthetics).  
STRESS-FREE STRIPES:  Here, the Phoenix Sweater does all the heavy lifting—acting at the clean topper to an otherwise laid-back outfit (that is so, SO ready for tea and an armchair and a beautiful book). It’s also worth noting that Capra feels AMAZING next to the skin (those with natural fiber allergies, pay me no heed), so the coziness of this pairing is off-the-charts!


Feel like we missed a huge style opportunity in this post? Please post any ensemble suggestions you may have in the comments section; we’re all ears. And happy autumn day to you all!


  1. M. Oswell / September 28, 2013

    Great way to show how nice hand knit garments fit into any wardrobe.


  2. Yvonne / September 27, 2013

    I absolutely LOVED this blog post–how it showed the yarn worked up into garments *and* styled with jewelry and other wardrobe items. It gives me a great idea of how it can work in my own wardrobe, and how the yarn looks in completed items. I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to wear things, and this was a great help. I hope you continue blog posts like these!

  3. Kerstin / September 26, 2013

    Dianthe is beautiful! What color Capra was used?

  4. theresa / September 26, 2013

    love it when you do this type of post–I enjoy seeing thing styled anyway but it recharges knitting too

  5. kathy k. / September 26, 2013

    Heh – I am right there with Jenni on the shoes!

  6. Jenni / September 26, 2013

    What brand/model are the shoes in the “Office Upgrade” pic? First of all, I need to knit myself a Dianthe, but then, I NEED those shoes! LOL!

  7. Constance / September 26, 2013

    I would also wear the Phoenix Sweater with a bold colored bottom. Like Red or a Vivid Yellow. But, all the combinations were fabulous!

  8. Alma Magee / September 26, 2013

    I like the styling. Thanks!