Podcast Episode 224: Interview with Blogger Lynne of Island and North Country Life

This week, Kelley gets a chance to catch up with her long-distance knitting friend Lynne, author of the blog Island and North Country Life. Lynne leads an extremely interesting and unique life – traveling the world as a lighthouse caretaker, all the while knitting and spinning no matter where she is headed to next. Kelley talks with Lynne about her fascinating journeys as she recounts her past visits to Deal Island in Tasmania, Australia and more recently, Five Finger Island which is located off the coast of Alaska. Each fall, Lynne returns to return to her home base lighthouse at Seguin Island, ME. Leading a life where change is a constant, Lynne shares her practical approach to knitting, organization, trip preparation and more!

Five Finger Lighthouse

Lynne’s last adventure at Five Finger Lighthouse in Alaska


You can find Lynne’s blog here:
Island and North Country Life

And you can read more about her lighthouse adventures here:
Lighthouse Caretaking
Deal Island, Tasmania

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