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What Does Positive Ease Look Like?

Ease is the difference between the wearer’s measurement and the garment’s measurement, but knowing that doesn’t always help when it comes to choosing a size to knit if you struggle with visualizing that difference! There are three types of ease you’ll hear discussed with regard to knitting patterns, and they’re all based on a simple math equation: garment’s chest circumference – wearer’s chest circumference = ease.

Text graphic reads, "garment’s chest circumference - wearer’s chest circumference = ease. (40" garment minus 34" wearer equals 6" ease)

Negative ease is created when the garment is smaller than the person wearing it, which makes a tight fit thanks to knitting’s natural stretch. Zero ease is created when the garment and wearer have the same …

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The Olive Knits 4-day KAL

Banner reads "Lemon Spritz - Olive Knits 4 Day KAL 2023 - What life give you lemons, knit Lemon Spritz!"

Have you ever knit a garment in just 4 days? That’s what the Olive Knits annual 4-day KAL aims to do over the 4th of July weekend! Hosted by Marie Greene of Olive Knits and featuring a new design by her each year, this is the 7th year of knitters working on the same pattern to knit themselves a garment in just 4 days. The 4-day KAL begins June 30th, and you can learn more about the KAL on

A woman wears a handknit tee with lace details that begin under the bust and short, ...
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Yarn Substitutions for Wraps & Scarves

From bottom to top, Ice Fire Wraps knit with bulky, the original worsted, and DK weight yarns. Note the size differences!

Most guides for yarn substitution are aimed at projects that need to fit very specific measurements, like sweaters or socks. So how much of that applies when substituting yarn for something where final dimensions aren’t terribly important, like with the Ice Fire Wrap? Wraps and scarves have some flexibility to their final measurements because they can have a range of sizes that are several inches different and still be perfectly functional. When choosing your yarn for a project like that, here’s what you need to keep in mind!

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Ice Fire Wrap Knit Along

A Black woman with an afro wears a multicolor wrap in a 1970s home.

A closer shot of a Black woman with an afro wearing a multicolor wrap in a 1970s home.

When we saw the Ice Fire Wrap by Donielle Showvay from Good Vibes & Groovy Lines, so many Knit Picks staff members wanted to knit it that we knew we had to plan a KAL around it! We’d like to invite you to join us in knitting this gorgeous, striped wrap starting June 1st and finishing July 31st.

You’ll have two weeks to …

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Episode 365 – Creating Pattern Collections from Start to Finish

A photo of a smiling white woman with glasses.Knit Picks’ Creative Director Hillary Elliot

We’ve got a stunning new collection out today called Good Vibes & Groovy Lines, and with such a clear concept carried from moodboards to final layout, we thought this would be the perfect collection to use to share more information about how our collections are created! Our Creative Director Hillary joins hosts Lee and Stacey to discuss how the creative vision of a pattern collection is maintained from start to finish with so many contributors and collaborators as part of the process. They even share some tips for designers who’d like to contribute to future collections! 

A Black woman with an afro wears a muiltcolor handknit ...
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Join us for Knit in Public Day!

A top-down photo of multiple people knitting together.

Knit in Public Day is June 10th, 2023, and we’d love to invite you to join us for an afternoon of knitting in our local community of Vancouver, Washington, where the Knit Picks offices are located.

When: June 10th, 12-3pmWhere: Hidden House Event Space in beautiful downtown Vancouver, WA.100 W 13th St, Vancouver, WA 98660Why: To knit together! 

The Knit Picks team picked out the Hidden House Events Space with both indoor and outdoor seating so we can comfortably knit together in any weather that the Pacific Northwest surprises us with, and the event is free for everyone to attend, with no registration or tickets required. Light refreshments will be provided for you to snack on as you knit, …

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Episode 364 – DEI & Donations with Remi

A photo of Remi, a young trans man.

This is an extra special episode! Today we’re launching a new eBook called Coloring Outside the Lines with 50% of the sales for the first two years donated to Outside In, a nonprofit providing healthcare and social services, including LGBTQIA+ services, in Portland, Oregon. One of the founding members of our company’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) committee, Remi, joins hosts Lee and Stacey to talk about his background, the work our DEI committee does, including planning our donation to Outside In, and the patterns in the new eBook. Remi also shares the work he does behind the scenes on our emails and to help make them more accessible by adding detailed alt …

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We’re donating to Outside In!

A young woman is wearing a hoodie with a white body and rainbow sleeves. Above her text reads " Coloring Outside the Lines"

We’re delighted to share our latest pattern collection Coloring Outside the Lines, with 5 rainbow-striped patterns, and for this collection, we’re doing something new that’s very close to our hearts. For every eBook purchase for the first two years, we’re donating 50% of the sale to Outside In, a nonprofit providing healthcare and social services, including LGBTQIA+ services, for unhoused youth in Portland, Oregon. 

“Since 1968, Outside In has transformed thousands of lives by helping to break the cycles of chronic homelessness, poverty, and poor health. Our health clinic and young adult programs strive …

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Free Downloadable May 2023 Calendar

Happy May! To celebrate, we have your free monthly calendar wallpapers. Enjoy these May 2023 wallpaper images (free download for you!) — featuring a variety of our favorite yarns in bright and springy colors to get you ready for May!

How to get the Wallpaper:

To get the free downloadable calendar background of your choice (smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers), simply click on the image of your choice to go to the full-size photo and then save it!

Free May 2023 Wallpaper for Desktop:

Free May 2023 Wallpaper for Tablet:

Free Blank …

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