We’re donating to Outside In!
A young woman is wearing a hoodie with a white body and rainbow sleeves. Above her text reads " Coloring Outside the Lines"

We’re delighted to share our latest pattern collection Coloring Outside the Lines, with 5 rainbow-striped patterns, and for this collection, we’re doing something new that’s very close to our hearts. For every eBook purchase for the first two years, we’re donating 50% of the sale to Outside In, a nonprofit providing healthcare and social services, including LGBTQIA+ services, for unhoused youth in Portland, Oregon. 

“Since 1968, Outside In has transformed thousands of lives by helping to break the cycles of chronic homelessness, poverty, and poor health. Our health clinic and young adult programs strive to provide safe, caring, affirming spaces for our community to receive judgment-free care and support.”

Outside In

In the past, our parent company and Knit Picks have quietly supported charitable organizations, including Outside In, with donations, and we’d like to invite our knitting community to join us in supporting these causes. This has been something we’ve discussed for several years in our DEI committee meetings and beyond, but we’ve talked long enough, and now it’s time for action. By dedicating 50% of the sales of this eBook to Outside In, we’re hoping to shine a light on a cause we feel strongly about.

A collage shows a gray pullover with dashes of blue and green, a v-neck pullover with neon rainbow stripes, a rainbow striped hat, rainbow striped socks, and a white hoodie with rainbow striped sleeves.

Youth in the LGBTQIA+ community have a higher chance of facing housing instability and lack of healthcare when compared to their cis, straight peers. According to The Trevor Project, “28% of LGBTQ youth reported experiencing homelessness or housing instability at some point in their lives,” and the Human Rights Campaign estimates that, “…LGBTQ youth comprise up to 40 percent of the total unaccompanied homeless youth population.” Outside In’s work helps change this in Portland, Oregon by providing healthcare services, including gender-affirming care and mental healthcare, for a wide range of ages as well as meals and housing resources for young adults and teens in a safe, inclusive space.

We chose Outside In because many of our team members feel a close connection to it, and it was important to us to support our local community in the Portland, Oregon area. Our donations will be sent quarterly for the next two years to provide consistent funding. We not only hope you’ll help us support Outside In, but we also hope you’ll be inspired to find an organization to donate to that’s local to you and does similar work.

Learn more about Outside In on their website, or start picking out your favorite patterns from Coloring Outside the Lines!


  1. Stephanie Draus, ND / May 13, 2023

    Thank you for this project! I was a naturopathic intern at Outside In, about 20 years ago. I chose it as my “fixed shift” my 4th year–meaning that I was working there for the entire school year, rather than rotating away. I also led a domestic violence training program at Outside In. I have very fond memories of my time there, and especially of my patients and of the amazing staff and volunteers. I’ve been thrilled to watch the clinic and associated projects thrive over the years!

  2. Kate / May 9, 2023

    This is wonderful!