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Together We Create!

Since the Knit Picks staff have all been at home these past few weeks, we, of course, have been knitting and crocheting up a storm! We all have different reasons for it – first and foremost, it’s something that we obviously love to do, but it also helps us stay connected to each other and to our online community, even if we can’t be out & about. So we thought we’d share some of our projects with you and would love to see what you are working on during this extraordinary time!

Of course, we’ve been working on our blocks for #WarmUpTogether! It’s been a lot of fun; for me personally, I’ve been rediscovering my love of crochet! While Warm Up America isn’t able to accept the blocks and other projects at the moment, we’re keeping them all safe until we come back together.

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Teaching Others to Knit

Update! WUA has made the difficult decision to suspend accepting donations. In the meantime, keep crocheting and knitting those squares and blankets so you’re ready to send them in when they’ve reopened their submissions! 

Purple box that has the Warm Up America! Foundation logo with a caption: "The charity that warms peoples' lives." Then white text that says "Let's give back. Want to learn to knit? At Knit Picks, we've got you covered. #WarmUpTogether

With many folks now home bound for the time being, you might find yourself looking for ways to engage creatively with your loved ones in the same position. We, of course, suggest teaching them to knit – and with #WarmUpTogether, they’ll be helping others in need!

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Podcast Episode 319: Behind the Scenes – Eco Yarns and Subscription Boxes

Today we take a trip behind the scenes at Knit Picks to talk about two of our popular programs! We’re busy adding to and refining our subscription boxes and eco yarn offerings throughout the year and wanted to share some of the stories and highlights from both. 

First up, Alison and Hannah talk about their history of developing new eco yarns. From past favorites like Full Circle to our recent Upcycled yarn launch, we’re proud of what we’ve been able to source and are always looking for new yarns to add to our collections.

Next, Erica and Kate share some insights into our subscription box program. Carefully curated boxes arrive at your door every month, full of lovely yarns and favorite patterns. …

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Knit Patterns for Warm Up America #WarmUpTogether

A purple box with white text that says: Warm Up America! Join us! Knit Picks and WeCrochet. The Charity that warms peoples' lives. #WarmUpTogether

If you’re longing for connection to community right now, join us! WeCrochet and Knit Picks have partnered with Warm Up America to create afghan and blanket projects to go to seniors and others in need in our communities. If you’re home and looking for something to do, let’s share the love and #WarmUpTogether!

Warm Up America accepts knit and crochet projects and squares made in machine washable yarns. If you would like a full list of washable yarns we offer, scroll to the bottom of this post. Here are the ways you can help . . .

Make a Square to Donate

Warm Up …

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Warm Up Together with Knit Picks and WeCrochet

Update! WUA has made the difficult decision to suspend accepting donations. In the meantime, keep crocheting and knitting those squares and blankets so you’re ready to send them in when they’ve reopened their submissions! 

A purple background with white text that reads: Warm Up America! Join us, Knit Picks and WeCrochet. The charity that warms peoples' lives. #WarmUpTogether

Knit Picks is teaming up with our sister brand WeCrochet to encourage our community to craft for a cause. We are supporting Warm Up America! (WUA), the charity that warms peoples’ lives, and encouraging donations to this important organization. To participate, knit or crochet any of the following:

7″ x 9″ squares (any gauge, any stitch)Finished blankets, from throw and lapghan size and largerOr choose …

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Introducing WeCrochet, your place for all things crochet

An image of a table filled with yarn, crochet tools, and a yarn swift loaded with turquoise yarn. Text says: "WeCrochet. Have you heard about our sister company, WeCrochet? It's a vibrant, welcoming home for all things crochet!" A banner at the bottom of the image says "Discover what WeCrochet has to offer:"

Have you heard about our sister company, WeCrochet? It’s a vibrant, welcoming home for all things crochet!

Discover what WeCrochet has to offer:

Free Crochet Patterns:

An animated GIF that shows a rotating selection of WeCrochet patterns, from sweaters to shawls to blankets.

At WeCrochet, you’ll find a great selection of stunning crochet patterns, from sweaters to shawls to blankets, and more. Many of them are free crochet patterns (including everything …

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Style it! Better Together Marled Knits

From work to running errands around town, our Better Together: Marled Knits pattern collection has something for every occasion. Arriving just in time for cooler spring mornings and chilly summer nights, this pattern collection has 16 cozy and colorful patterns. Each project features unique textures created by holding two yarns together, making these garments easy to make and pair with different outfits.

Business Casual

The Couplet Turtleneck is cozy enough for a Saturday morning at home but is luxurious enough to dress up for the office. Knitted using one strand of Capra, our elegant Merino and cashmere wool yarn, and one strand of Aloft, a lace weight mohair, gives this chunky sweater a sumptuous drape. The subtle waist shaping elevates …

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Podcast Episode 318: Beyond Finishing – Mending and Embellishing

Sweater knit in Swish Rainforest Heather

Knits are meant to be loved and used which means that a knitter’s work is never truly done. Whether there are holes to be mended or you want to add some fiber flair to your project, Stacey, Lee, Alison and Hannah share some of their favorite ways to mend and embellish knits. 

First up, wool moths and kiddos mean our stacks of knits have some holes to be patched. Alison and Hannah discuss the different ways they mend well loved knits. Listen in to learn about needle felting, darning eggs and the ongoing debate about visible versus invisible mending.

Next, Stacey and Lee come together to share their favorite ways to add embellishments to finished projects. …

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A Botanical Yarn Dyeing Journey

Welcome to the amateur dyeing adventures of me, Regan, one of the photographers for Knit Picks! I want to preface this by saying that this is not a tutorial. I’m just having a fun time experimenting! So join the ride as I create a mess of my kitchen.

Muse // Woodland Tweed // Twill

For this journey I used Knit Picks Bare Muse, Bare Twill, and Bare Woodland Tweed. I’ve recently discovered that I love 100% Merino wool, so Twill and Muse have been two of my favorite yarns. I chose Woodland Tweed so I had some variation from my obvious favoritism. All in all, I had six of each yarn (18 total) to experiment with.

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