Podcast Episode 319: Behind the Scenes – Eco Yarns and Subscription Boxes

Today we take a trip behind the scenes at Knit Picks to talk about two of our popular programs! We’re busy adding to and refining our subscription boxes and eco yarn offerings throughout the year and wanted to share some of the stories and highlights from both. 

First up, Alison and Hannah talk about their history of developing new eco yarns. From past favorites like Full Circle to our recent Upcycled yarn launch, we’re proud of what we’ve been able to source and are always looking for new yarns to add to our collections.

Next, Erica and Kate share some insights into our subscription box program. Carefully curated boxes arrive at your door every month, full of lovely yarns and favorite patterns. We’ve recently relaunched our program with new boxes and are always working on new ways to surprise and delight our super fans. Find out who is on Team Hawthorne and who is on Team Stroll. 

 If you are someone who gets a subscription box, use the hashtag #KPSubscriptionsuperstar  #KPHandpicked and share your experience.

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As always, happy knitting

Mentioned in this episode: 
Upcycled Reserve Yarn Line 
Full Circle 
Upcycle Reserve 100% Wool Worsted 
Upcycle Reserve 100% Wool Bulky 
Upcycle Reserve Alpaca Blend 
Diadem Yarn
Simply Alpaca Aran 
Simply Wool Worsted 
Simply Cotton Organic Worsted Yarn 
Simply Cotton Organic Fingering Yarn 
Simply Cotton Organic Sport Yarn 
Bare Yarns 
Greener Shades Acid Dye Kit
Earthues Botanical Dye Kit 
Warm Up Together Knit A Long
Warm Up Together Knit A Long Pattern Ideas
Subscription boxes 
Subscription box: Cotton Club 
Subscription box: Sock Yarn Celebration
Subscription box: A Year of Hats 
Payne Hat 


00:00 Hannah’s introduction
0:58 Alison and Hannah talk eco yarns and dyes
10:48 Stacy introduces the Warm Up Together Knit A Long
11:39 Erica and Kate talk about Knit Picks subscription boxes
19:57 Credits