Together We Create!

Since the Knit Picks staff have all been at home these past few weeks, we, of course, have been knitting and crocheting up a storm! We all have different reasons for it – first and foremost, it’s something that we obviously love to do, but it also helps us stay connected to each other and to our online community, even if we can’t be out & about. So we thought we’d share some of our projects with you and would love to see what you are working on during this extraordinary time!

Of course, we’ve been working on our blocks for #WarmUpTogether! It’s been a lot of fun; for me personally, I’ve been rediscovering my love of crochet! While Warm Up America isn’t able to accept the blocks and other projects at the moment, we’re keeping them all safe until we come back together.

We’ve been knitting for our loved ones closer to home as well! Sometimes, even if we are unable to see our friends & family as much as we are used to, it helps to send a little love to them in the form of a creative project.

And we’ve been working on personal projects as well while marathoning our Netflix queues. Taking care of yourself is important, especially with everything going on in the world, and creating something beautiful you can wear or use is enough to get through the day!

We want to see what you have been up to! Join our Facebook Group Together We Knit and share on your social media of choice with the hashtag #TogetherWeKnit and #TogetherWeCrochet.