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What’s New From The Knit Picks Podcast

Sarah, Knit Picks podcast producer!

Hi, I’m Sarah! I started with the Knit Picks Podcast as their newest producer in October of 2019. I come from an audio and a video production background but also am a seasoned knitter. I was beyond excited by the opportunity to work with Knit Picks. I see the podcast as an opportunity to really dive into a specific topic within yarn culture and grow with the larger craft audience. I’m a big podcast lover and feel that there is a deep connection that happens when someone listens to a show. It can feel personal.  

The challenge to this podcast (and many other podcasts) is that we’re having to discuss topics that are traditionally …

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Choosing the Right Knitting Needle Material

Hands knitting on interchangeable knitting needles, surrounded by needle tips and yarn

For knitters, needles are every bit as important as the yarn in a project—you’re holding them for thousands of stitches, so they better be comfortable! There are so many types of materials for knitting needles; it’s enough to make a new knitter’s head spin. What is the best for one knitter might be a nightmare for another! Today we’re going to break down the top materials of knitting needles to assist you in that all-important decision.


A significant number of knitters begin their knitting journey with plastic needles, and it’s not hard to see why. They are widely available and extremely inexpensive, and many new knitters’ first pair may be ones their parents or grandparents used! They are lightweight …

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Podcast Episode 317: Designing Knits

The first step in every knitter’s journey is conquering the basics: knitting, purling, casting on and binding off. The next step, of course, is finding ways to make your knits do exactly what you want! That feeling when everything comes together in a project that fits perfectly, and looks just as you’d imagined is every knitter’s dream. 

In this episode Lee and Hannah answer the Knit Picks Podcast’s very first message from the new podcast voicemail. Our caller wanted to know how to customize a hat to fit her perfectly and we were so excited to answer her question. Listen in as we dig deep into what makes knitted hats the best place to learn and refine your skills as …

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February News: New Needles & Upcycle Yarns

Spring is SO close, we can practically taste it! We’re gearing up for lighter, brighter days, and our latest creations obviously reflect this shift in our creative mood. With a proverbial spring in our step (see what we did there?), we’re happy to introduce our newest (and most colorful) needles as well as our latest yarn-related endeavors with all of our wonderful crafty friends (you!).

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Podcast Episode 316: All About Yarn

Each project has a beginning. Sometimes inspiration starts with a new pattern, but our favorite knits always begin with a surprise “I have GOT to have that!” skein. Today’s episode includes our favorite ways to pick patterns when you’re starting from your stash.

First, Erica and Hannah discuss all the information on yarn labels! Each label has everything you need to know about a yarn if you know how to parse the mysterious lingo. (We’ve included a label here so you can follow along as we go through each section.) 

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