Podcast Episode 317: Designing Knits

The first step in every knitter’s journey is conquering the basics: knitting, purling, casting on and binding off. The next step, of course, is finding ways to make your knits do exactly what you want! That feeling when everything comes together in a project that fits perfectly, and looks just as you’d imagined is every knitter’s dream. 

In this episode Lee and Hannah answer the Knit Picks Podcast’s very first message from the new podcast voicemail. Our caller wanted to know how to customize a hat to fit her perfectly and we were so excited to answer her question. Listen in as we dig deep into what makes knitted hats the best place to learn and refine your skills as well as some tips and tricks for getting that perfect fit.

Next, Stacey and Erica come together together to share how we choose patterns for our printed collections. We print about 18 books a year which means we’ve got a lot of moving parts happening behind the scenes. Whether you’re a designer or someone who really loves a good pattern, we share some great insights into the process in this segment. 

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As always, happy knitting.

Mentioned in this Episode:
Wool of the Andes
Turn a Square Hat by Jared Flood
Knits For Everybody Top Down Hats
Hannah’s Sister’s Hat
Pinhole Cast On Tutorial
Lee’s Hat Designs
Free top-down any-gauge hat patterns by Lee: Scant and Buttonhead
Jeny’s Stretchy Bind Off
Casting On for Knitting in the Round (on Circulars)
Double Pointed Needles
Interchangeable Needles
Single Pack 16″ Green Cables (for short tips)
Better Together Marled Collection
Entwined: Celtic Cables Collection
Sojourn: A Knit Lace Collection
Design with us
Call for Submissions

0:00 – Introduction with Hannah
1:11 – Hannah and Lee say hi
1:43 – Ashley’s Voicemail
2:32 – Hannah and Lee answer the voicemail’s question
21:22 – Special offer for Podcast Listeners
21:50 – Erica and Stacy give the Behind-the-scenes of designs
37:47 – Credits


  1. JoAnn / February 23, 2020

    Oh, and also patterns that combine knitting and crochet. I would love to see some sweaters, for example, with a knitted body but with crocheted trim and borders, and the more elaborate the borders the better 🙂

  2. JoAnn / February 23, 2020

    Y’all asked for collection suggestions, so I have two. My babies have outgrown baby and toddler sizes. I would love to see some children’s patterns for kids 5 to 12 years old. The other suggestion is a lace shawl collection along the lines of Dee O’Keefe’s patterns. Bolder lace than the Soujurn collection; for instance, intricate lace sections combined with simple contrast sections, and with differing yarn weights.

  3. Seamyst / February 22, 2020

    I would love a pattern collection featuring non-sock projects for Felici and other self-patterning yarn! I’ve branched out a little, into Sockhead hats and some of Martina Behm’s garter-stitch scarves and shawlettes, but I’d love more patterns written for Felici as well.

  4. Sati / February 21, 2020

    I just love listening to you ladies talking yarn. I always have to deliberately carve out enough quiet time to listen, so I’m usually late, but I always look so forward to it!