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About Our Wool

Wool—one of nature’s most versatile fibers. Naturally sourced from mammals such as sheep or goats, wool is a protein fiber known for its uncanny ability to withstand a great deal of use. Among its laundry list of beneficial attributes, wool boasts antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, while remaining breathable, insulating, cooling, and also water resistant. It’s no wonder we love wool fibers for both garment and home décor projects!

The Science of Softness

If you’ve ever shopped for wool, then you may be familiar with the term Micron Count. What is Micron Count? It’s the scientific method of measuring the fineness of various fleeces based on the diameter of their individual fibers (micron is short for micrometer). In a nutshell—the lower the micron …

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Podcast Episode 303: Latest & Greatest

Knit Picks Dogwood Sweater, included in the Best of Knit Picks: Cardigans and Pullovers collection

After eight years of making our very own pattern collections, we’ve finally created a Best of Knit Picks pattern collection! Our very favorite garment patterns from our archive are now together in one amazing (and enormous) book. Colorwork, cables, tweed and a few luxury yarns shine in these newly standardized and updated patterns. Lee and Stacey who work together to bring you all of our pattern collections sit down to share some behind the scenes insight into their favorite patterns and the logistics of producing our very first Best Of collection.

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July News: New Yarn Colors, Speckles Sock Lab, and more!

We know this post is called “July News,” but it’s almost August, which means it’s basically September … and gosh, that means it’s pretty much time for the holidays, isn’t it?! (So many handcrafted gifts to plan. So. Many. Gifts.)

But before we get TOO far ahead of ourselves, let’s back it up to the end of July: we have so much great news for you!

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Summer Staff Projects

With mid-summer temps soaring, it’s been the perfect time to stay inside (read: air conditioning) and tackle those project queues. Everyone in the office is so jazzed about new Twill yarn that it’s no surprise we have collectively made at LEAST 10 projects with it thus far this summer. Hats, sweaters, cowls, with many more projects in the works for fall. Here is a roundup of our latest, greatest FOs, with a heavy dose of Twill knits in the mix. Enjoy!

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Ode to Dishcloths

I like making dishcloths. They are such a fun and quick way to learn a new skill, and they are incredibly low pressure. You messed up? It’s just a dishcloth! You made it perfectly? What a fantastic dishcloth! It’s a win-win, and I am a big fan. I might have mentioned that around the office, and then been asked to write a poem about it. So I did. Without further ado …

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Knit Designer Interview: Jenny Williams

We’ve been working with knitwear designer Jenny Williams for almost ten years, and what we appreciate most about her is her versatility. Jenny is an excellent designer in many different styles. She designs across all categories, from dishcloths and scarves to socks and lace.

The Harley Pullover featured on the Best of Knit Picks: Pullovers and Cardigans book. A model is shown standing in a field, wearing a gray pullover sweater.Jenny Williams’ Harley Pullover was featured on Best of Knit Picks: Pullovers & Cardigans.

We’ve worked with Jenny a lot this year. Her Harley Pullover pattern was recently featured on the cover of our Best of Knit Picks: Pullovers & Cardigans book, and she had TWO lovely lace wraps patterns in Sojourn: A Knit …

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New, cute merch!

Get ready to show your fiber flair this summer with all of our cute new merch! Whether you are carrying your everyday goods or your precious W.I.P., these bags and pouches will keep your cargo secured.

Foxy Fables

Adorned with a crafty fox hard at work on knitting their newest scarf, these sturdy bags will keep you looking foxy.

Looking Sharp

Is knitting your tran-QUILL-ity? Then these hedgehog bags are meant to be yours! Tote around your farmer’s market purchase or keep …

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Podcast Episode 302: Sojourn and Twill

Knit Picks Larix Decidua shawl

We’re dedicating this episode to our love for the timeless and oh-so-wearable SHAWL! The ultimate knit accessory, shawls are fun to make and easy to style in any season. That being said, summer is our favorite time of year to break out our lace weight yarn and cast on our most epic shawl projects. The perfect roadtrip companion or portable poolside project, a single skein of yarn goes incredibly far when it’s used for open, lacey motifs. Stacey joins Hannah in the podcast studio to chat about Sojourn, our new knit lace collection. Designed to inspire with 14 patterns, including a few fingering weight gems, there’s something for everyone, from die-harddedicated enthusiast to newbie.

We’re also THRILLED to …

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Christmas in July!

Are you over the hot Summer weather and craving some snuggly knitting weather? Now is the perfect time to start prepping your knitting queue for holiday gift-giving!

Holiday Inspiration

Our Knit Picks Exclusive Holiday books have plenty of projects to jumpstart your inspiration. Some of my favorite Holiday themed projects are ornaments! Mostly everyone in my family has Christmas trees and ornaments are quick and personable projects that are appreciated year after year. Adorn is a series of 4 mini-collections of holiday ornaments from mini hats, wintry creatures, mittens, to nerd-centric designs. These knits will thrill any …

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