About Our Wool

Wool—one of nature’s most versatile fibers. Naturally sourced from mammals such as sheep or goats, wool is a protein fiber known for its uncanny ability to withstand a great deal of use. Among its laundry list of beneficial attributes, wool boasts antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, while remaining breathable, insulating, cooling, and also water resistant. It’s no wonder we love wool fibers for both garment and home décor projects!

The Science of Softness

If you’ve ever shopped for wool, then you may be familiar with the term Micron Count. What is Micron Count? It’s the scientific method of measuring the fineness of various fleeces based on the diameter of their individual fibers (micron is short for micrometer). In a nutshell—the lower the micron count, the finer the fiber. The finer the fiber, the softer the yarn!

Sustainability at its finest

We love wool not only for its softness, but for its many eco-friendly qualities as well.

  • Items made with wool typically have longer lifespans than textiles made with other fibers.
  • Sheep are part of the Earth’s natural carbon cycle. They subsist on plants, consuming the organic carbon contained within and converting it to wool.
  • Wool textile products tend to be washed less frequently and at colder temperatures, resulting in a lower environmental impact.
  • Best of all: It’s 100% biodegradable.

Knit Picks' Simply Wool yarns.

SIMPLY WOOL You’d have to shear your own sheep to get any more natural than these 100% Eco wool yarns. The product of centuries of shepherding tradition, the balanced twist and dense, plump hand gives this yarn fabulous definition for textured and cabled items. No dyes or bleach are used to process the yarn; the eight natural shades are created by meticulously sorting the fiber as it comes off the sheep.

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Knit Picks' Wool of the Andes Tweed yarns.

PERUVIAN WOOL Our Wool of the Andes family of yarns is hands down our best selling by a landslide. This wool is special because it is harvested from Peruvian sheep—specifically a cross between the finest Corriedale and Merino breeds. The combination of these breeds produces a strong fiber with an excellent softness quotient that is perfect for a wide variety of uses. Our Peruvian wool yarns are a great value and sturdy enough to last for years of active wear. They felt remarkably well, have a nice finish to them, and come in a wide spectrum of colors.

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Knit Picks Shadow lace weight Merino wool yarn.

MERINO WOOL Merino wool is known for its superior softness compared to regular non-Merino wool, making it a natural go-to for baby knits and fine garments such as shawls, scarves, and lacework. It is rare to find a fine wool that isn’t a result of some sort of Merino mix. Our offerings of Merino wool yarns range from lace weight Shadow to bulky weight Swish, with virtually every weight in between. Looking for the softest of the soft? All of our Stroll, Swish, Capra, and Capretta yarns weigh in at a microscopic 20.5 microns.

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Knit Picks' Superwash Wool yarns

SUPERWASH WOOL Superwash yarns are wool fibers that have been treated in a way that makes them less likely to felt in the wash. This usually happens in one of two ways—the wool is treated in a bath that removes the scales of each fiber; or the fiber is coated to smooth the scales, which prevents them from clinging together. Superwash yarns, like Provincial Tweed for example, give you the best of both worlds; the ability to work with a wool fiber while enjoying the convenience of being able to machine wash your finished product. Garments knit in superwash wool are ideal for hard-wearing items, such as kids’ clothing, socks, or easy-care gifts.

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And there ewe have it. The beauty and versatility of one of our favorite fibers, demystified. Happy crafting!


  1. Carol P / August 17, 2019

    Thanks for the scoop on the wool you sell.It’ll help with future purchases. Tidbits like these make me want to read more about wool processing, etc.

  2. Judy Asbell / August 5, 2019

    I love to dye yarn and your bare Felici is one of the softest yarns I’ve ever dyed. It also takes up dye beautifully. I also love Hawthorne. It dyes up beautifully and is great to knit with.

  3. Cynthia / August 1, 2019

    Thank you for the post. I love Knit Picks yarn and this helps a lot in choosing the right wool yarns for my projects.

  4. Nancy J / July 31, 2019

    I am hoping to see you offer an Eco wool in undyed dark colors fingering weight. I could only then hope to see my husband out of his white cotton socks and into some dark colored socks. Since his VietNam days he is unable to wear dyed socks.