New, cute merch!

Get ready to show your fiber flair this summer with all of our cute new merch! Whether you are carrying your everyday goods or your precious W.I.P., these bags and pouches will keep your cargo secured.

Foxy Fables

Adorned with a crafty fox hard at work on knitting their newest scarf, these sturdy bags will keep you looking foxy.

Looking Sharp

Is knitting your tran-QUILL-ity? Then these hedgehog bags are meant to be yours! Tote around your farmer’s market purchase or keep your berry colored scarf safe while you work on it in these high quality and stylish bags.

Have a Mice Day

This teeny-tiny field mouse is working hard on it’s poppy orange scarf. This bright and sunny set is bound to put a smile on your face every time you pull out your current project.

Love like no Otter

This hard working otter is knitting a scarf for someone special. This project bag is almost too cute to stow away!

We hope you love all our new merch! As always, these items are available for purchase on our website!


  1. Patty / July 20, 2019

    Will these designs become available in crochet?

  2. Sue / July 16, 2019

    Love the bags, all of them! It would be hard to chose one if I had too.