World Wide Knit in Public Week Winners!

What an amazingly fun time we had this past World Wide Knit in Public
Week.  If you were playing along on our blog, we thank you very much! 
We have gone through our comment logs and found our winners. 

Monday’s winner was Karen Aguilar

Tuesday’s winner was Louise

Wednesday’s winner was Eleanor

and Thursday’s winner was Heather Thorn

had so much fun reading through everyone’s guesses.  You folks are
smart!  Next year, we’ll have to make the challenges a little tougher. 
We will be sending our winners an email shortly to verify information. 
Once we hear back, they will get their gift cards!

If you missed any of Kerin’s adventures, here are the pictures from her travels.  They’re sure to make you chuckle!


Kerin’s Knitting in Norway!

In yesterday’s picture, did you happen to notice anything special about Kerin’s outfit?  That’s right, she was wearing her Norwegian-inspired sweater!   Today, Kerin is happily knitting away in the snowy Norwegian Fjords, bundled up in her beautiful sweater and …


Last stop: Scotland!

Did you catch the Fair Isle reference in yesterday’s post?  In case you don’t understand what Fair Isle has to do with Scotland, here’s a little history for you. Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns …



When entering the IDP patterns for this week, I was shocked to
realize that we are at number 500! WOW!  It feels just like yesterday
that I started my position here as the IDP Coordinator and going over
our first batch of patterns, getting really excited to let the world
know about our great program.  Since we started in December 2009, we
have had 34,000 sales, all of which goes directly to our 230 designers! I
feel like the luckiest person in the world, getting to work with all
these talented designers!

And what pattern was lucky 500?


Why it’s the one of lovely & talented Kalurah Hudson‘s newest patterns – Indian Summer!


Make Your Own Needle Felted Sheep

As some of you may have seen by now, the latest cover of the Knit Picks catalog has some really adorable sheep standing in front of the Heartlands Road Trip Tote. We all thought these little needle felted sheep were simply too cute not to share, so we went right to work on a tutorial. And do you want to know the best part? They are oh so easy to make! With the right tools and some roving, you will be on your way to making your very own sheep.


So, how are those resolutions going?

Progress is delicious!

OK, admit it. It’s the beginning of March – you’ve probably forgotten
what your knitting resolutions even were for this year. I mean, isn’t
that the point of resolutions? You’re supposed to forget aaaaaallll
about them till about December 15.

Well, unless you’re me and you’re completely out of your mind. Why do
I say that? Because not only do I have lofty goals for this year, but I
have all of them. Pretty much. Ok, let me explain.


I’m knitting a hat…

Some of you may have seen the video of me getting a seed stitch
lesson from Kerin during our lunch break last week.  In the video, I was
working on what ultimately became a long swatch of different stitch
types.  After realizing that my swatch was never going to be a scarf
that anyone would want to wear, I decided to try knitting a hat.  On
Friday night, I sat down with my 16″ circulars and a ball of yarn and
had my entire 2″ band done before I noticed the part in the pattern that
says “be careful not to twist your ring of stitches.”  Oops.  At this
point, my entire row had been twisted and turned close to 50 times and
the whole thing looked like a hot mess.  After getting confirmation from
my mom over the weekend that there was no salvaging my work, I decided
to start over. 

Now I’m curious: what are some of the trials and
tribulations that you all have run into?  Being such the beginner that I
am, I could really use some tips from people who have knit up a few
hats in their day.  What specific things should one look out for?  Do
you have any (really easy) pattern suggestions?  I’d love to hear any
advice that you have.  Thanks in advance for your help!