6 Easy Steps to Becoming a Pinterest Model

A pressing public service announcement:

Step 1.)  Spend a lot of time on Pinterest—particularly, “researching” project patterns.

Step 2.)  Develop a heretofore unnatural obsession with monster infinity scarves; know solidly that having one would complete you/make you a Winter Fairy. Or Faerie. 

Step 3.)  Get swept up in Knit Picks’ excellent “Free Hank of Biggo” promotion. Let excitement build.

Step 4.) Put two balls of Biggo in your favorite tote bag. Over the course of a weekend, double-crochet your way to glory whenever the opportunity presents itself:  Watching movies, drinking coffee, in-between buses, hanging out with your bowling team (just me?), WHAT-HAVE-YOU. This is just a 90-minute commitment and you may slice that pie however you want to.

Step 5.) Weave in ends, always/unfortunately.

Step 6.) Wrap that brand new scarf around your neck approximately 50 times, throw on your hottest peacoat from Forever 21 and make your favorite friend/co-worker take pictures of you; lens flare, I hesitate to say, is optional.

You’re welcome! You are now a Pinterest star, the envy of all who aspire to your beautiful, yet seemingly effortless handmade lifestyle. As noted earlier, steps 3 – 4 can be significantly fast-tracked with our gorgeous selection of bulky weight yarns. And don’t forget to board the “Free Hank of Biggo” train while you still can—the promotion ends tomorrow! Happy crafting.