TNNA wrap up

Angela and I went to the TNNA winter show in Long Beach, CA last week. It was a little different for us than other shows we’ve attended – this time, instead of just walking the floor as a retailer, we were exhibiting as wholesalers! We’ve just started selling our needles to local yarn stores, and it’s possible that they’re already at a shop near you. Alisha made this initial list of LYSs that carry Knit Picks needles, and we’re adding new stores faster than we can udpate the list!


I’m knitting a hat…

Some of you may have seen the video of me getting a seed stitch
lesson from Kerin during our lunch break last week.  In the video, I was
working on what ultimately became a long swatch of different stitch
types.  After realizing that my swatch was never going to be a scarf
that anyone would want to wear, I decided to try knitting a hat.  On
Friday night, I sat down with my 16″ circulars and a ball of yarn and
had my entire 2″ band done before I noticed the part in the pattern that
says “be careful not to twist your ring of stitches.”  Oops.  At this
point, my entire row had been twisted and turned close to 50 times and
the whole thing looked like a hot mess.  After getting confirmation from
my mom over the weekend that there was no salvaging my work, I decided
to start over. 

Now I’m curious: what are some of the trials and
tribulations that you all have run into?  Being such the beginner that I
am, I could really use some tips from people who have knit up a few
hats in their day.  What specific things should one look out for?  Do
you have any (really easy) pattern suggestions?  I’d love to hear any
advice that you have.  Thanks in advance for your help!



TNNA, here we come!

I’m very excited because Alison and I are escaping from Vancouver’s cloudy grey skies for a couple of days to hit the TNNA trade show in Long Beach, CA this weekend. I’ve never been to TNNA, so I’m looking forward …


New Year’s Resolutions

Now that Christmas and Hanukkah are over and New Year’s is just
around the corner, it’s that time of year when I always find myself
making lists of all the things I want to accomplish in the upcoming
year. Teaching myself to knit colorwork is at the top of my list for
2011, I’ve been inspired by all the beautiful colorwork patterns we see
from IDP designers
each week! I polled everyone else in the office to see what
fiber-related resolutions they’re making for 2011. Looks like we’re
going to have a busy year around here.

Our resolutions run the whole gamut from ambitious to basic to what some might even call wishful thinking!

number one goal is learning to weave -  I’m taking a class at Madrona in
February! I also want to learn the different dying techniques – hand paint, kettle
dye, maybe play around with making natural dyes… And I also want to create
more patterns...” Kim, merchandising

a whole rug. Finish carding and spinning Cher the Sheep’s fleece – I bought it
at the Aurora Spinning Guild show over a year and a half ago! Shop more from my
stash, it’s starting to eat my entire house!” Alison, director of Knit


Help us get hooked on crochet

You may have noticed that since the introduction of crochet patterns by
indie designers
through IDP, we’ve been slowly expanding our selection of
crochet hooks and books. In addition to the Clover hooks we’ve had, we’ve added
Susan Bates and Boye hooks, a pretty set of rainbow acrylic Clover Reflections
, ergonomics, and a few new complete sets.

With all these crochet hooks floating around the office, some us have
gotten curious about what to do with them! Kim and three of our wonderful
customer service representatives, Lori, Georgianna, and Jeanine are our in
house experts, but since we have a slew of employees interesting in learning,
we thought we’d ask you for help. Come teach Knit Picks how to crochet this
summer in our first crochet along!


My first steek!

Last night I spent hours very carefully sewing up one side of my
cardigan and then sewing back down the other side to reinforce it
before I cut my steek. I stitched it twice, once with a running stitch
and then again with a backstitch. I’ve been working on my CLC off and
on for over a year, so I definitely didn’t want it to unravel. I
brought it into the office this morning to show Alison my progress.
Kelley caught a glimpse of it too and decided there was no time like
the present to go ahead and steek it!

Eek! One of the best things
about working at a knitting company is all the help I get when I’m
working on a project. Everyone piled into Alison’s office to provide
moral support. And of course, they video taped it…


Let’s review, shall we?

One of the benefits of blogging, at least for me, is a certain element of accountability. I feel like I need to keep you up to date on my fiber adventures. That keeps me relatively focused.

I’ve had a bit of a lace revision of plans. I can’t explain it but the Gail shawl just never captured my heart. I kept picking it up, knitting a bit and then setting it down for days. Once I finally accepted the fact that I needed to “let it go”, I went for a bit of a wander in Ravelry and found a new pattern for my beloved Alpaca Cloud in Smoke Heather.