Announcing the Winners of Our “Endless Summer” Pinterest Contest!

As a sentimental type, I want to first express how simultaneously wonderful and difficult the experience of judging this contest was. Looking at each board almost felt like meeting a person—some humorous, some artful, some obvious nature-lovers or foodies or film enthusiasts. I was particularly touched by the numerous personal (and fab) “vintage summer photos” of yourselves and family, no matter how unsure you were of your hair in the 70’s. As mentioned in the original post for the contest, I maintain that summer (faults and all) is a magical time; even for the myriad who aren’t winning a spiffy prize, I hope that entering this contest reminded you of that, even in the slightest way. Oh, and I’ll also add – I learned that VERY MANY of you folks are lovin’ some Fifty Shades of Grey this Summer of 2012. I am positively scandalized!


Let the Games begin!

Today was the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games! Of course
since I’m at the office I didn’t get to see them, but we’ve got a
couple of weeks to catch up.

For those of you who did get to see them, how were the ceremonies? what did you think?

Now, I’m not much of an athlete myself, unless
sitting-on-your-kiester is a new marathon event. But I do like to knit,
so I’m taking part in the Ravellenic Games! If you’re not familiar, that’s the knit-along competition that is timed to coincide with the Olympic Games on Ravelry.
Even if you don’t compete, it’s fun to see what everyone is working on
while they’re watching their favorite sport! I’ve only just barely cast
on, so there’s not much to see – but I’ve chosen quite the challenge for
myself, and it involves a lot of Palette and about three dozen bobbins. At least.

Honestly, for me, it’s not about winning or prizes or competittion, but the challenge of it.

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Podcast Episode 192: For the Love of Cowls

In this week’s episode, Kelley chats about her love of cowls! In
addition to covering a brief history of the cowl, Kelley talks about
several different varieties of designs that are based in the basic cowl
shape – including neck warmers, infinite scarves, and other styles that
experiment with unique ways of closing the loop. This allows designers
even more creative freedom in order to come up with even more fun ways
to wear cowls. And of course, Kelley also mentions that cowls are the
ideal way for using up those single skeins of wonderful handspun yarn.
Next, Kelley reviews a few books including The Complete Guide to
Spinning Yarn by Brenda Gibson
, Knit & Wrap: 25 Capelets, Cowls
& Collars by Nathalie Mornu
, and Ultimate Mittens by Robin Hansen.
Finally, Kelley catches you up on what has been on her needles – or in
this case, what will be on her needles! After finishing up all of her
works in progress, Kelley shares a few projects from her queue that will
be making their way onto her needles very soon.


Dyeing with Bare Hare

When Bare Hare arrived to at our office, everyone’s first reaction was to uncontrollably “ohhh!” and “ahhhh” over how incredibly squishy and soft it was. Then almost immediately afterward, it seemed as though the same idea popped up for everyone at the same time – Bare Hare is an undyed yarn, which means you can dye it whatever shade is your color of choice! All of us have had previous dyeing experience and so of course, we couldn’t help but jump over to the dyeing section of the Knit Picks website to check out the different dyes and colors.

In addition to the Jacquard dyes, we were also drawn to the Earthues and Greener Shades dyes. And because we loved Bare Hare so much, we thought – why not experiment a bit and try out all three different types of dyes? I had been wanted to try out the Greener Shades Dyes, so I opted for the Coral Reef Aqua. Stacey chose Emerald in the Jacquard Dyes and Kerin went with the Earthues natural dyes.

Here is the result of our Bare Hare dyeing extravaganza, I love how they turned out!


Delicious FOs!

There’s nothing better than finishing a long-term project. And for me,
that’s most of them – but they’re not all knitting! This past week has
been spent in the garden, reaping the rewards of the last year’s work.

But of course that’s not all – I finally wove in the ends on my little Chroma sweater!


Mission accomplished

Hubby isn’t the only one with a new sweater, though his modeling is a little better:

Our house isn’t really lit well enough for portraits, so we went 8300
feet up into the Wallowa mountains to get a shot. The locals were duly
impressed, I might add.

It’s still missing one thing, though. I need to snag it from him long enough to sew in a very appropriate label!


Meet Lisa, from Dicentra Studio

A while back, I got to spend the day with Jen, from Hanks in the Hood and learn all about how she makes those goregous spinning batts
of hers! Additionally, Jen was kind enough to take some time to share a
bit about herself, how she got drawn into the wonderful world of fiber,
and her inspiration. And it was awesome! I find it so amazing that so
many different people can connect with something as simple as fiber and
yarn, in such a lovely and inspiring way.

I simply love hearing these stories from everyone I meet. Which is
why I was thrilled when Jen asked if I would like to also spend time
with Lisa from Dicentra Designs! My answer was a resounding yes, the
more – the merrier! I got a chance to sit down with Lisa, an amazing
fiber artist, to chat with her about her love of all things color,
fiber, spinning and of course dyeing. In addition to dyeing her own yarn
line, Dicentra Designs, Lisa also helps Jen, from Hanks in the Hood, with the processing and dyeing of the stunning silk hankies!
And with Lisa’s love for bright and vibrant colors, it’s no wonder that
her color sense is a perfect match for working with Jen’s fearless
color combinations. Just look at all of the amazing colors you’ll find
in the silk hankies from Hanks in the Hood to see for yourself!

To hear more about Lisa’s color inspiration, the process for dyeing the silk hankies, and some of Lisa’s favorite ways of working with silk hankies – be sure to check out Lisa’s video!