Nanette Blanket

image of Nanette Blanket
A riff on the Babette Blanket

This blanket was inspired by the Babette Blanket, and by my stash. I love the bold, multi-color splashiness of the Babette Blanket, and I had some Chroma worsted samples to play with. I’ve called it a “Nanette Blanket” after my middle name (Nan), and the bumbling character from the musical “No No Nanette.” This was definitely my typical, bumbling experimental project!


Knit & Crochet in Public Week: Knittin’ Out in the Open


Crafting started as something fun to do once in a while, like during a rainy day or on the odd vacation weekend. I have a few memories of making massive collages of tiny horses cut out of magazines, or sorting through a giant jar of buttons.

That was all before I picked up a pair of knitting needles late in high school. From that moment on I needed to craft. It became a lifestyle. I knit in class, on the bus, during movies, on car rides to the store and especially in parks on nice days.


Two New Stroll Hand Painted Colors!


One of my favorite parts of my job here at Knit Picks is picking new colorways for Imagination and Stroll Hand Painted. It’s always fun to make twenty or so different colorways pulled from some of my favorite photographs, natural formations or time periods. Then we all get together and cull the herd of possible yarns down to two, three or however many we need to round out the existing yarn line. We only needed two new faces for Stroll Hand Painted this time and I’m really pleased with what we decided upon!


New socks for my mom

Our new colors of Imagination are now available! We have four new shades: Galactic, Treasure, Magic Wand, and Atlantis. Atlantis is definitely my favorite with its rich blue-greens and the bright shot of red as an accent. When the samples arrived at our office, I grabbed two skeins and got to work on a Mother’s Day present for my mom, Marilyn. I can finally show you pictures without ruining the surprise!

Imagination socks in Atlantis


One Skein Crochet Slippers


All it took was one skein of Wool of the Andes Bulky in Stormy and a free afternoon and SCHIZZAM! I have a brand new pair of women’s small/medium sized slippers! I used a size H crochet hook and Pierrot’s Warm Slipper free pattern scrounged from my Ravelry queue to make these cozy little gems. This pattern wound up being about a women’s 8.5 shoe size which is far and away too tiny for my big flippers, but they fit my mother perfectly.


Tiny Spring Knits


I rediscovered my size 0 DPNS and some sort of spring FEVER just swept right over me. Before I knew it I had knit up a whole passel of Anna Hrachovec’s Tiny Cupcakes and a Tiny Easter Bunny lined up next to me! All this adorable knitting happened during a burst of sun over the weekend, so I was able to camp out on my back stoop and whip out all of these guys in an afternoon. I had one ball each of Sky, Blush, Wheat, Grizzly Heather and White Palette in a little basket and I just loved peeking at those happy colors together as I worked.