Preciosa Staff Projects: From Sweaters to Sea Creatures!

Oh, Preciosa! I have not seen my coworkers squeal in such unison as they did when this yarn arrived in the office. Its single ply softness makes it an absolute JOY to craft with, and its gorgeous colors make your imagination (as well as your project queue) go wild. The greatest thing that happened when our staff grabbed some skeins: they cast on for such a diverse range of projects. From sweaters to stuffed animals, check out what we made!

merino wool yarn 1

To our collective delight, Alison is on a sea creature knitting bender. Isn’t this octopus truly amazing? She said what interested her about the pattern was his eyelids. His eyelids! When she saw knitted eyelids, she knew she had to make it. Don’t you love when a detail like this just takes hold? Alison knitted it using 3 skeins of Gladiola and 2 skeins of Goldfish, all held double throughout.


She also completed this adorable turtle/tortoise from this pattern (Ravelry link) with 1 full skein of Preciosa in Bonsai, half a skein of Tadpole, and a teeny amount of Sasquatch. With yarn color ways like these, who wouldn’t want to craft some fun creatures? I am in love with his granny square shell!


Stacey loves to try a new yarn by making hat. This lovely design, made with about half a skein of Preciosa in Canary, really looks stunning on Jenny, don’t you think?


Hannah cast on for a gorgeous sweater (Ravelry link) in Preciosa. She toiled over whether to use a bright color, but knew she’d wear a garment made in colorway Panther a lot more. I love how the slight variation in the color looks in the rows of reverse stockinette stitch. So lovely!


Alison made her son a cute funnel neck sweater (Ravelry link) in the colorway Maritime. With just two skeins, he has a great pullover, as soft and comfy as a blanket!


Alison also used Preciosa in Maritime for her squid. She held this color double, paired it with the colorway Captain (also held double) and followed this pattern (Ravelry link) to make a hilarious stuffed friend perfect as a teatime companion.


Look at the scale of this guy! Wouldn’t you like to walk down the street holding his hand? Heads would surely turn!


Soft and warm, light and bright, Preciosa is a yarn that you’ll love to knit or crochet with, and that will have you casting on again and again and again.  Use it for blankets, sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves, or that stuffed animal you’ve been meaning to make for some time! After all, who wouldn’t want to swim in a sea of Preciosa?


  1. Melissa / April 6, 2015

    Are the sea creatures for sale????? Dying! So so cool!!

    • Jenny K / April 6, 2015

      Hi Melissa, you can get the knitting patterns for the sea creatures (links are in the blog post) – but the actual finished sea creatures are not for sale (aren’t they insanely adorable though)!

  2. Nan Bailey / March 30, 2015

    Where did Alison get the pattern for the red octopus? Does she plan on knitting a shark? My 4 yr.ld granddaughter wants me to knit a shark. Help me find a pattern please!

    • Jenny K / March 30, 2015

      Hi there, Nan! The Octopus pattern is linked to in the paragraph underneath the octopus picture, anything in bold and italic is a clickable link that takes you to products like patterns and yarn. The name of the pattern is available from Knitty as a free pattern (Opus the Octopus). Hope that helps!

  3. KB / March 30, 2015

    Admin, thanks! (Note to self: Figure out something to make with these beautiful Preciosa colors.) Am currently using Comfy fingering for a pair for my daughter and I think you need to rename it to Heavenly. I can only imagine wearing something so soft on my tootsies.

  4. KB / March 30, 2015

    I’m making my first forays into socks and I found a pattern that used a 3-ply merino worsted weight. As this is a single ply, would it hold up in socks? Thanks.

    • admin / March 30, 2015

      hi there! a single-ply yarn might not be the best choice for socks, i would suggest sticking with a plied worsted weight yarn – like wool of the andes or swish. Single ply yarns can start to pill and slightly felt under lots of wear and agitation, which would be the case with socks (particularly on the soles of the socks). best of luck with your sock knitting!

  5. Kelly Halley / March 29, 2015

    I need to try this and the idea of knitting a hat sounds great!

  6. Lisa / March 27, 2015

    Just curious, how well does this yarn felt?

  7. maur / March 26, 2015

    Where does one get the adorable octopus pattern?

    • admin / March 26, 2015

      Hello Maur! The pattern is linked to in the paragraph underneath the octopus picture, anything in bold and italic is a clickable link that takes you to products like patterns and yarn. Hope that helps!

  8. Ekay / March 26, 2015

    Lol, Muffy, yes to the Harry Potter reference! Beautiful yarn – I love the sea creatures 🙂

  9. Muffy / March 26, 2015

    These look gorgeous!…am I the only one pronouncing Preciosa like I was casting a spell at Hogwarts?

  10. Barbara Segerstrom / March 26, 2015

    Where can I find the pattern for the hat?

    • admin / March 26, 2015

      Hi Barbara, The hat pattern is linked in the blog post (just click on the “this lovely pattern” in bold, the second sentence in the paragraph under the hat picture, to go directly to the pattern). Anything in bold and italic is a clickable link that will take you to the product, hope that helps!

  11. Lauren @ Oh Hey I Like That! / March 26, 2015

    Omg those creatures are just adorable!!!