Monkey See, Monkey Do


Have you picked up any of our Special Reserve Yarns? As soon as I saw the Alpaca Wool Twist, I knew what I’d like to do with it: make a Sock Monkey Sweater for my toddler! I was looking around the internet for inspiration when I saw THIS sweater by the Canadian company “Roots”. I decided to make a mini version using THIS (free) pattern. Along with the Special Reserve Alpaca Wool Twist, I used Bare Andean Treasure and Swish DK in Serrano. I followed the pattern exactly for size 4, doing 6 rows of bare, 3 rows of Serrano, and 6 more rows of bare for the cuffs and bottom ribbing. I love a shawl collar, and the Andean Treasure is super soft! I added 5 red buttons to finish off the project.

I’m now working on a duplicate of this sweater for my younger daughter, in size 2. Though both sizes are too big for them right now, in just a little while they’ll have matching sweaters and I’ll have “Monkey See” and “Monkey Do”! I might pick up a sock monkey kit and make one with them. Then I’ll have too many monkeys (probably jumping on my bed). I can’t wait!

Speaking of waiting, if you’re interested in the Special Reserve yarns, here for a limited time only, don’t delay! They’re at a great price, and might never return again.


  1. Holly K / January 21, 2015

    My Ravelry page for this project will have the details of yarn amounts. I’ve also started making my second Sock Monkey Sweater, in size 2, and noticed errors in the pattern. I’ve written errata for it on Ravelry, too:
    Thanks for your interest,

  2. cam / January 21, 2015

    How many skiens of each color for size 4?
    Thank you

  3. GLENDA / January 21, 2015

    Love the sweater!! – Could you please let ne know how many balls of each you ordered. Did you make a size 4…I’m thinking about making the size 2. Thanks so much.