Choosing your project or yarn according to location.

When we went to Mexico a few weeks ago, I wanted to have something simple to knit. It was a short trip and I just wanted to listen to audible books and quietly knit. I didn’t have time to order any yarn so I scrounged through the office stash. I found four balls of Felici Paradise.

I cast on a pair of toe-up socks while waiting to board the plane. As I knit on the plane I realized that, purely by accident, I had chosen colors that perfectly matched the setting of my vacation. Beachy colors! I found myself more drawn to knitting those socks than any other vacation project I’ve every dragged along with me!

What an interesting thought. What if I took the time to match my travel projects to the destination? When we were in Ireland last summer I took along my Aran Cardigan and I remember it did feel “right” somehow to be working a cabled pattern just a few miles away from the Aran Islands.

Since knitting is such a universal craft, it would be pretty easy to match a style to a destination. Norwegian mittens, Andean hats, for example. Or, like my Felici socks, work within a evocative color theme. It would feel like you were really settling into your surroundings and the project would bring back happy memories. Just a thought. <