World Wide Knit in Public Week Winners!

What an amazingly fun time we had this past World Wide Knit in Public Week.  If you were playing along on our blog, we thank you very much!  We have gone through our comment logs and found our winners. 

Monday’s winner was Karen Aguilar

Tuesday’s winner was Louise

Wednesday’s winner was Eleanor

and Thursday’s winner was Heather Thorn

We had so much fun reading through everyone’s guesses.  You folks are smart!  Next year, we’ll have to make the challenges a little tougher.  We will be sending our winners an email shortly to verify information.  Once we hear back, they will get their gift cards!

If you missed any of Kerin’s adventures, here are the pictures from her travels.  They’re sure to make you chuckle!

and of course, we had to throw in this one: