Woobie Puppy Finished!

Yarn for Woobie Puppy

From scrounging in my sock yarn stash comes great things.

Woobie Puppy Finished

Like this Woobie Puppy designed by Kris Carlson!

Please note that Kris’ pattern called for sport weight yarn which I did not have in my Mexico stash.

I used a Size One needle and figured the finished Woobie would be smaller than Kris had intended. But, I’m making it as a gift for a newborn and I’m not sure it will ever actually be used. I suspect the new mom will put it up on a shelf as a “treasure”.

The pattern is well written and the project knit up much faster than I had imagined. One of those fun knits where you start with the largest number of stitches (along the edge of the blankie part) and then decreasing down to the head shaping. It always feels good to see the stitches dwindle down to the last few that you draw together with your cut yarn at the end.