Where does Knit Picks alpaca fiber come from?

At Knit Picks, we love to have a close connection with our sources of beautiful yarn, and we view it as one of the many benefits of cutting out the middleman. Our hands-on approach starts from the beginning of the manufacturing chain. Our Peruvian partners have the highest values of sustainability and a focus on community which is evident in their work. Their dedication to their flocks, shepherds, and sustainable practices are woven into the yarns that are sold to you.

One example of the efforts made by our Peruvian partners is the high-quality living accommodations for their alpaca herdsmen that are both comfortable and environmentally-friendly. The alpaca herdsmen spend their lives in some of the country’s most remote locations, at extremely high elevations. Our partners have developed comfortable ecological housing, made from locally-obtained materials, equipped with state of the art facilities such as solar power, running water, an environmentally-friendly sewage system, and plant nurseries. These cottages are also built on the herdsmen’s own land, as an investment in an ongoing work relationship.

The care also extends to the animals that provide our gorgeous fibers. Over the past 20 years, our Peruvian partners have been conducting a comprehensive heritability study on their flocks. Through this study, they have compiled the world’s widest and most complete database on alpaca breeding, which improves the overall health of their flocks and ensures proper care based on genetics. Additionally, the innovative shearing technique they perfected has improved the yields of their annual alpaca shearing operation while enhancing the wellbeing of the animal and increasing safety for the shearing team. This method of shearing has now been adopted as the official national standard for Peru, which has positively impacted all animals in the region.

Thanks to the hard work of our partners in Peru, Knit Picks is able to offer incredibly affordable alpaca yarns while feeling confident that no corners were cut to create the yarn. Alpaca is one of our favorite luxury fibers, and it’s incredibly warm and soft. Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca fibers are hollow in the center, which helps trap more warmth. Some of our favorite alpaca yarns include Andean Treasure, Alpaca Cloud, and Wonderfluff! Each yarn is decadently soft and warm, with beautiful drape and a light halo. You’ll feel good inside and out knitting with Knit Picks alpaca yarns.


  1. Elaine Arnotti / January 19, 2024

    The fact that Knit Picks is so involved with the Peruvian people and the way the alpacas are raised makes me want to buy from Knit Picks. Also, the fact that the herdsmen and their families are well taken care of is also a plus for me. Keep up the great work! The next time I buy alpaca yarn, I’m coming to Knit Picks.

  2. Meredith MC / January 18, 2024

    Excellent! Thank you for sharing this. I treasure my stash of alpaca cloud lace even more now.

  3. BeckyG / January 13, 2024

    Great article and very encouraging. I would love to see some alpaca from Ecuador some day too! Great job! Wonder fluff is my favorite.

  4. Michelle / January 10, 2024

    Wow; your post makes me want to order a bunch of alpaca yarn RIGHT NOW. What a great investment in people, animals, and environment you’ve made; thank you!