When I Grow Up

Two of my favorite kit designs I ever did just got released:

When I Grow Up

There are 2 sets here, each one containing 3 coordinating pairs of bibs and booties. There’s a cowhand bib with little cowhand booties, and a referee bib with little high-top sneaker booties in each kit (in different colors!), and then the blue/green kit has a tuxedo bib with little baby spats (sooo cute!) and the pink/blue kit has a ruffled bib with little party shoes.

This kit was super fun to design–the bibs are simple to knit so I was able to get really imaginative with the color designs on them. The biggest challenge was probably the cowhand shirt. I grew up in New York City. Remember the salsa commercial where all the cowboys are sitting around the fire making fun of New York City? Yeah, we don’t have much “rancher” culture there. But I know that cowboy shirts have a distinctive style, so I went looking fro some photo reference to use for the design of this bib. I found quite a lot, which was really helpful, and I love the way the bibs turned out.

I also found this guy:

Yikes! I’m sure he was a cutie back in the day, but to me pupppets with articulated mouths + stuffing spilling out of joints + fake freckles = PURE TERROR. Like this: