What would your perfect kit be?

As with any fashion-type industry, we plan all of our patterns and kits well in advance of their release dates. In fact, we’re about to start planning our projects for 2013!

With so many other projects in the works, it’s a daunting prospect to come up with so many ideas at once. So, I turn to you, dear readers, for inspiration! What kind of kits would you like to see in 2013?

Some of my favorites have been (in no particular order): the Dogwood Blossoms Sweater,

the set of Road Trip Totes,

Woodland Winter Mittens,


Viola Afghan,


and the Nonna’s Garden Shawl!


Now, it’s not hard to see what these all have in common. Mostly, they are time and brain consuming, intensely colorful flights of fancy. Another thing that is easier to see once you think about it is that most of my very favorite things to design are inspired by nature. My mom always said my head was in the clouds, but that’s because I was studying them! I love natural forms and shapes, and the vibrant colors in sunsets and gardens. But sometimes, it seems like I can’t break myself out of the theme. (Not that I want to, heh!)

So, here’s where you come in: What would you like to see? Are you digging the nature themes? Is there a technique you’d like to explore in a kit? Is there a type of project you’d like to see? Colors? themes?

Obviously there are some things we can’t do, but I really welcome your suggestions. I’ll take everything into consideration – help a designer out, and post your suggestions in the comments!