What does one wear under a kilt?


(what did you think I was gonna say? This is a family show!)

I have to admit I love kilt hose. I even wrote a paper in college about the phantom bagpiper on my campus, who I’d see walking around piping with his stockings gleaming in the midday sun. There’s just something so regal about a pair of elegant hose. As handknit or even fine kilt hose is quite expensive to order these days, now you can make your own! What’s really cool about both of the patterns in this kit, besides the fact that you can make both pair, is that they’re totally unisex and customizable for size. And, because they’re just awesome anyway, you don’t even have to wear a kilt or be a piper to wear them. But you will want to show them off!

When Nina and I were writing these patterns (I wrote the cabled ones, she wrote the plaid-tarsia ones), we wanted to tackle the ever-present problem of, “..but it doesn’t come in my size.” Well, even the stoutest Scottish legs will find comfort in these. Because there’s a finite amount of yarn in the kit, we could only suggest how big they could go, but in reality both patterns can be knit to fit any foot or calf size. The way the calves are handled is a little different in each; in the plaid version, the color pattern is spread out by varying the width of the white stripes, and in the cabled version, customizable ribbed portions in the sides of the stockings give as little or as much girth as you want. And they stretch – big time! The ones in the photo were knit for a 13″ calf, but they fit my *rather larger* calves with no trouble at all. (of course I had to try them on. I mean, really!) The optional fold-over cuffs are also custom-sized, and perfect for hiding stocking garters.

There’s even a guide in the pattern for determining what leg shape you (or the recipient) have and how to accommodate that. Totally personalized stockings – who wouldn’t love that?

What’s more, the plaid-tarsia technique in Nina’s stockings is so darn cool. You’ll want to use it on everything. and unlike fair isle, it’s stretchy!

So, whether you or someone you know is a piper, or you just have a deep affection for awesome socks, this kit will definitely satisfy!