Welcome, Worsted!

I’m working on a mutimedia project with Swish yarn in rainbow colors, to be completed in coming weeks. I had a few scraps left, so I thought I’d add a neutral and cast on for a sweater for my daughter. rainbow2

There was one catch: Swish is worsted weight, and I use fingering weight yarn, almost exclusively. I don’t know when it happened. When I first took knitting up so many years ago, everything I did was worsted weight. Through the years, however, I’ve just loved how fingering weight projects turn out: light as a feather, really professional looking, and so much more portable, too! Especially for children’s clothing, the scale seems just right.


My problem now is that my older daughter is 2, and she actually needs clothing pretty consistently (hello stains, I see you). I have so little time, so I’ve challenged myself to make a few worsted garments I’m hoping she’ll wear. This current sweater (pattern here, I’ll be leaving off the applique) is in Swish Dove Heather, with stripes of Serrano, Orange, Honey, Peapod, Twilight, and Eggplant   I’ve been loving how fast this sweater is to make. The ease of top-down shaping and the fun of color changing are making it a quick and enjoyable project. I think the non-itchy warmth of the Swish will be perfect for my opinionated toddler. The machine washability of it will be perfect for her opinionated mother!

Do you have a favorite yarn weight, or do you just look at patterns and enjoy doing whatever the pattern requires? I think as time goes on, worsted weight garments might find a permanent place in my queue. Maybe one day I might even think about Bulky! Can you hear me gasping?!


  1. Laura / September 24, 2014

    I pretty much go with whatever weight (though, if I’m honest, I do look out for finer gauge projects when I can). I agree that fingering weight makes things look professional, and I really enjoy using it for socks and mittens/gloves. So far I’ve made sweaters using DK (cabled), sport (stranded) and worsted (stranded), but I’m planning on making a fair-isle cardi with fingering.
    Lately I’ve been hovering in the fingering to DK range, mostly because I have a lot of Palette and WoT Sport 🙂

  2. Amanda / September 24, 2014

    I tend to be drawn to worsted but I will use any weight a pattern calls for if the pattern catches my fancy. I made a glove (working on its mate sloooowly) with fingering and it’s so beautiful. I love worsted but didn’t realize the beauty of fingering until I finished the glove. It’s classy and definitely looks more professional. I think I just love yarn. 🙂 Any weight will do, I’ll find a project for it.

  3. Gail J. / September 24, 2014

    I like to switch– have 3 projects going at all times. 1 – super-portable. The other 2 either knit/crochet, fine/or not!

  4. Kelly H. / September 24, 2014

    I love Worsted and DK equally. That sweater is adorable!

  5. Sheree Ervin / September 24, 2014

    OMG That “current sweater” is sooo CUTE!! I have added that to my ravelry project list in hopes that when I finish my wrap that I am working on, that I’ll have the courage to do my first sweater! I LOVE that pattern!

    I love worsted as long as it is soft – especially for afghans. I must try that sweater! I might even have something sitting in my stash I can use! WHEEE

    You have given me hope!
    Thank you!

  6. Andrea / September 24, 2014

    I usually use sport. Size 5 needles are what my achey handd like best.

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