Color Made Easy

The difference between a pile of yarn and the launching pad for your next creative masterpiece is color coordination. A thoughtfully-curated color palette will bring cohesion, beauty and sparkle to your project.

One of my favorite projects this year was compiling an array of Palette wool samplers. From the lip-smacking juicy Candy Rainbow to the soothing neutrals of the Woodland Cabin, these color samplers will make your planning your next project a breeze (and more affordable, as the samplers are at 10% discount!).

Here are a few of my favorites:

Candy Rainbow Sampler
Candy Rainbow

Encore Sampler

Fire Opal Sampler Fire Opal
Woodland Cabin SamplerWoodland Cabin
Pink Swirl SamplerPink Swirl
Herbal Wreath SamplerHerbal Wreath
Aegean Sea Sampler
Aegean Sea

Need some ideas for projects? Check out all of all of our colorwork patterns:

Fair Isle/Colorwork Patterns

Some of our favorites for these samplers:

Tuva Pullover

Dogwood Blossoms

Persian Dreams Throw

Whatever you choose, we think any project with these samplers will be beautiful!




  1. Nina / September 27, 2014

    Kind of off-topic, but where is the Persian Dreams throw being photographed? It looks like such a lovely place!

  2. Kelly H. / September 23, 2014

    The samplers are lovely! What sorts of projects would you recommend for them?