Wee Fuzzy Lamb

At first I couldn’t come up with a new project to show off our new fuzzy, ever so soft Reverie yarn. I was tired of making cowls and mittens, and with the 90 degree weather we’ve been having I just wasn’t in the mood to make more hats. But then I found Barbara Prime’s free Fuzzy Mitten Lamb pattern on Ravelry. I was thinking about different combinations of yarn to get the fuzzy effect when I realized that I could just use Reverie which was even the perfect weight!

This little fellow (I think I’ll call him Oliver) took me just one
morning to knit, albeit a long morning full of toast, tea and old
Twilight Zone episodes, and he feels so, so soft with just the right amount of squish. I decided to use some safety eyes for the first time in a very long time, so I’ll have to find an older kiddo to give him to. In the meantime, he’ll be keeping me company here at work! I think maybe I’ll even knit him a little poncho….