Podcast Episode 196: Northern Lights Collection Interview with Kerin

This week, take a tour of Scandinavia as you hear all about Kerin’s inspiration for Northern Lights, a new collection of patterns inspired by the region and its cultures that are steeped in a rich history of knitting. Featuring six stunning patterns, Kerin walks you through the traditions of Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Sweden as she shares the stories and ideas behind each of the patterns. Naturally, Kerin put her special twist on each of the patterns by melding the traditions, color, and motifs of Scandinavia with updated shaping and elegant, modern details.

If you enjoy hearing about the design process and how ideas are transformed from sketches and swatches into finished patterns and pullovers – you’ll love hearing Kerin’s stories behind each of the six designs of Northern Lights. History buffs will also love hearing more about the cultures and traditions of these six Scandinavian countries. Whether you are drawn to bold geometric shapes, textured motifs, or intricate colorwork, Kerin’s designs in the Northern Lights collection let you explore this wonderful region and enjoy the true beauty of tradition.

You can find the Northern Lights collection here (and don’t forget, the patterns are available as single downloads, too!):
Northern Lights eBook

And if you still love having the smell of paper, we also have a printed version of Northern Lights!
Northern Lights printed book

And you can find all of our printed books of exclusive collections here:
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