Weaving in Ends

Weaving in your ends is one of the last steps in finishing pretty much any project, and is almost impossible to avoid one way or another. Now, how you weave in yarn ends – that is a whole other story! There are so many different ways to weave in ends. Some knitters save all of the ends for last, some weave them in every few inches as they go along their projects. And sometimes, it also just plain depends on what kind of yarn you are using!

And in this case, we have a handy video tutorial that shows you just how to make sure those ends stay woven in when you are working with smooth yarns and plant-based fibers like cotton and linen blends. So grab your tapestry needles and get ready to finish all those projects that have a few (or many!) leftover ends still hanging out.

During the warm summer months, I often find myself naturally gravitating
towards fibers like cotton and linen blends. However, because of the
properties of these plant-based fibers sometimes my usual tricks and
methods for weaving in ends (like the spit splice method – gross, I know
but very effective with wool!) doesn’t work too well.

As you can see in the video, one trick for weaving in ends with these kinds of fibers to make sure they stay put is to untwist the plies of your yarn. Then, by weaving in the separate plies of your yarn you can rest assured that those pesky ends stay hidden away. And like the video mentions, if I am working on a flat piece on knitting I like to change my yarns at the end of a row. Hiding your yarn ends towards the edges makes it a bit less noticeable that say, right smack dab in the middle of your work.

Do you have any favorite tricks for weaving in the ends of your yarn?