We Kit, You Knit – Summer Favorites 2017

We love to k(n)it!

Whether it’s the fun loving yarn selections for the Find Your Fade shawl, the classic Hue Shift, or one of our curated tool bundles, our kits are trending and for good reason.


For new and old knitters alike, the value packs and pattern kits put the yarn you need right in your cart eliminating questions about color palettes or quantities. The tool bundles cut out the confusion and give you just what you need from winding your first yarn hank to blocking the final result.

The Find your Fade Shawl is a perfect example of how these kits can be useful. With the pattern in hand try making it with our most popular alternate color fade pack: FogbankThe Premium Winding Kit will make fast work of those seven 100gm hanks too. The kit includes a lovely yarn swift, a ball winder, the knitting yarn meter (which you will love), and a digital scale all for 20% off.


Of course once you get knitting your future masterpiece you will need to take it with you in style. Any one of our project bags or totes will do the trick. It knits up so fancy though, you may need to splurge and get yourself a Knit Picks vinyl tote and some new interchangeable needles with the Caspian Accessories Kit in Black & Teal.

One thing is for sure, once the shawl is finished you will want to block it. Luckily, our most popular tool kit, the Blocking Starter set, has everything you will need to complete the task from the blocking mats to care labels.  Now that it’s done and you have all the tools you need check out the value packs again, as we are always adding new ones, and make another!

Remember:  We kit so you don’t have to!





  1. Alice Martin / August 24, 2017

    Made a bed size afghan using wool of Andes in six color repeat. Great yarn to work, shows cables beautifully. Pattern calls for work to be done in straps. Made it I one piece on 40 inch size 13 needle Turn out great Gson happy to take off to college

  2. Alice Martin / August 24, 2017

    Beachcomber shawl fun to make, many raves while knitting. GDTR loved it