We are lumberjacks & we’re ok!

(with apologies to Monty Python)

We all hope you are having a great Halloween!  Many of us here at the office love to dress up on Halloween and some of us couldn’t resist going with a theme – Lumberjacks!

When Joanna Rankin‘s pattern for Beardo came across my desk, we all thought it was one of the most fun patterns we’d seen & made plans right then & there to make them for Halloween.


That’s Kim, Alisha, Hannah, Angela, me and Jenny K.!


We had such fun making our beards.  Kim, Jenny, Alisha, & I are sporting ones using Biggo, while Angela held together Comfy & Cotlin for her beard (she was stash busting!) and Hannah used Swish Bulky.  They knit up very quickly – I made 2 of them and each only took about two hours tops. They don’t use much yarn either – Jenny & I made 3 beards & an extra mustache from the skein of Biggo we shared!

We also took some photos with the other members of the marketing team:


That’s Amy, our fabulous photographer as the fox and Brett, our website guru, as Biggo!


Our sister company Connecting Threads had some wonderfully elaborate costumes too!


That’s Jenna as a Black Widow Spider, Jenni as a gypsy and Melissa as a Christmas tree!

We hope you all have a safe & happy Halloween!  Did you make a costume this year?  We’d love to see it!  Share it on our Facebook page or to our Twitter feed!