In Brief Praise of Ugliness

With my clothing, I rarely venture outside dark colors and
neutrals. The most thrilling sweater I own is in a shade of cranberry.
However, that doesn’t prevent me from using color in the projects I crochet;
lots of color and all of it at once.

The lion’s share of my handiwork is cheerfully ugly, the
natural conclusion of higher gauges, a bird-like level of concentration
and all that aforementioned use of color. If a project goes as planned, it’s so
delightfully unattractive that I’m pleased and repulsed in equal measure!
I feel that some pieces or distinguished color-combos
deserve names.

As I’m still in the
throngs Granny Square Fever, slowly working my way through a larger project, I
call this particular square “Sad Birthday Cake Left Out in the Rain”:



Don’t feel sorry for it! I mean it with love. For me, a great project is inescapably homemade, like a delicious pie with a wonky looking crust. Kitschy is a fair word to throw out there as well.

As for all of you, are you into elevating the craft, making nothing but posh and sleek cashmere wraps in charcoal and cream? Or do you like a good, chunky avocado and pumpkin throw pillow from time to time? Inquiring minds (mine) want to know.