There’s a lot of hats being made around here

When I took this job at Knit Picks, I knew pretty instantly that knitting was going to quickly become one of my new favorite hobbies.  Since completing my first hat a couple of weeks ago, I have already made another one and started on a third.  The first two were just my way of testing my skills and trying out new stitches.  Because they are a little too big for my head, I have decided to donate them to charity in hopes that they will keep someone else’s slightly larger head warm in this winter weather.  The one that I am working on now is the first one that I am using a pattern on and I am really excited to see the end result. 

In case you didn’t see a picture of my first hat on our Facebook page, here’s what it looked like:

I unfortunately haven’t captured a good picture of my second hat yet but here is what it looked like in the process:

My third hat is a cloche pattern that I got from Ravelry.  The pattern link is here: Cloche Hat
So far, I have just completed the brim section but I hope to get a good start on the body of it tonight. 

My new-found love for knitting is starting to rub off on others in the office and a couple of people have even stepped up and finished projects that they were working on for quite some time now.  One particular project completion that I am especially excited about is Brett’s hat.  Brett started his hat about two years ago and finally, when I challenged him to a knit-off competition, he pulled through and finished it up!  This is Brett weaving in the ends.

And here’s the finished product! Nice job!

What projects have you been working on lately?  Are there any that you just can’t bring yourself to finish?