Checklist for a perfect project

I know I am going out on a limb because each knitter has his or her own set of parameters. But, as I finished my Lace Ribbon Scarf I realized it was one of my absolutely perfect projects. Here is my checklist –

1) Easily obtainable instructions – right from Ravelry. I was able to use my Google Documents app to make the PDF file show up on my phone whenever I wanted to check the lace pattern

2) Memorizable pattern – it didn’t take long for me to be able to read my previously knit stitches to tell where I was in the pattern.

3) High quality yarn – our Chroma yarn is delightfully soft as it flows through your fingers, it makes a fabric that is decadently soft and the color play as the lace pattern travels back and forth was mesmerizing.

4) Quick to knit – don’t get me wrong, I love challenging projects like lace shawls or colorwork sweaters. But, those don’t fall under my category of “absolutely perfect”.

5) Easy to give away – that’s right! A friend was admiring this scarf as I was knitting it. I loved that I didn’t hesitate for a moment before I offered it to her as a gift. I enjoyed knitting it and I knew she would love it day after day after day.

6) My fingers are itching to cast on another potentially “absolutely perfect” project – and I think I’ve found it. Using my other ball of Chroma Fingering weight yarn in Sunrise. And, I will only need one ball because it has nearly 400 yards in the 100 gram ball. The pattern for this shawlette.