The “Win Your Wishlist” Contest Returns!



The task of returning gifts is a dreary leftover of the holiday season—but there are lots of artful ways to avoid improper gifting (for example, Pinterest boards abound). However, what if you could drop helpful hints AND enter a delightful contest in one fell swoop?

You can indeed:  The “Win Your Wish List” contest is back! Once again, three lucky people will win $50 worth of Knit Picks merchandise, just by creating and sharing their dream list of goodies.  Entering is easy-peasy—here’s how:

1.) First, log-in as a customer on the Knit Picks site by clicking the “My Account” button at the uppermost right of the page.




If you don’t already have an account, that too is easy business! Just click the aforementioned log-in button, enter your email address and click “Create Account”. Once all your info is filled in, you’ll be good to go.

2.) Next, make a handsome wish list. To do that, simply enter the desired item quantity, then click the “Wish List” button (extra hint: it’s located directly right of the “Add To Cart” button).




3.) Review your wish list; do this by clicking the “Wish List” tab within “My Account”.




4. ) Now that you’ve gathered your hypothetical haul, click the “Share Your Wish List” button. On the top left side of the wish list, you’ll see a form appear that allows you to email your list to anyone you please (might I particularly recommend “Rich Aunts/Uncles” and “Billionaire Love Interests”?). That’s it! You’re now entered in the contest.




To be eligible, you must share your wish list via email on or before December 9th. For an extra entry (and increased likelihood of winning), you may also share the wish list via social media or a blog! The three lucky winners will be announced on December 10th, right here on the Stash blog.




Have fun! And best of luck to you all.


Official rules: Maximum of one email entry and two social media/blog entries per person. Must have a US or Canada mailing address. No purchase necessary. Contest closes on December 9th; winners will be notified via email before the blog announcement on December 10th.


  1. Bonnie / December 11, 2013

    I won a gift certificate!!!!!I just love KNIT PICKS, and am going to use the gift certificate for those luscious yarns!
    Thanks to all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  2. julie / December 9, 2013

    Can’t hurt to try

  3. Heather Nyack / December 9, 2013

    Hoping I can win my list, although I would be just as thrilled to get a skein or two off of it (well maybe not quite as thrilled, if it was just a skein, lol). Thanks for doing this contest again! I shared via email, facebook and pinterest.

  4. agatha gallion / December 9, 2013

    shared on facebook 🙂

  5. Dianne / December 9, 2013

    I shared my wish list via email….I’m not on the social medias, though.
    My wish list is full of more tatting stuff, I’m addicted

  6. Susan / December 9, 2013

    I’m so excited! I filled my wishlist with the yarn I’ve wanted for a long time to knit a really nice cardigan sweater my husband has hinted about. You happen to have his favorite shade of manly gray in my favorite yarn. So, here’s wishing! Thank you for having this contest!

    • Susan / December 9, 2013

      I shared with email and on facebook this morning.

  7. Tori Gannon / December 8, 2013

    I tweeted as well

  8. agatha gallion / December 8, 2013

    Emailed to my mom and shared on my blog (

  9. Chris / December 8, 2013

    Shared via fb, my blog, and email. 🙂

  10. Suzanne Daniels / December 8, 2013

    This is a wonderful competition. Thanks.

  11. Tori Gannon / December 8, 2013

    I sent my wishlist to my family

  12. Cera / December 8, 2013

    Shared via email & Facebook! If only I had the absurdly wealthy relative…

  13. Kristin H / December 8, 2013

    I shared through email and here on my blog: .

  14. Debora Soule / December 8, 2013

    Shared on Facebook for all my knitting firends and students!

  15. Kaitlyn / December 8, 2013


  16. Alisha / December 8, 2013

    Entered on FB, Twitter and e-mailed it. Here’s hoping! 🙂

  17. tracy / December 8, 2013

    shared via email and on my tumblr stitchysituation! 😀

  18. Jeri Seegmiller / December 8, 2013

    Fingers crossed…I hope someday I will win a contest! Thanks Knitpicks!!

  19. Bryleigh / December 7, 2013

    shared via email and blogging!! 😀

  20. Janet Walker / December 7, 2013

    My wish list would be any of the products I have some Knit picks needles ,lots of yarn
    but if my name is pulled anything will be greatly appreciated
    Janet Walker December 7….9:04PM

  21. Janet Walker / December 7, 2013

    This is fun my wish list is of all just so I win something.

  22. Stephanie B / December 7, 2013

    I’ve shared my wish list via e-mail no problems!

    For those having issues, if you are using Internet Explorer make sure it is the newest version(10) or use Firefox or Chrome. Older versions of Internet Explorer has problems with the newest versions of HTML5 the language that is used in building web pages.

    Hope that helps!

  23. Julienne / December 7, 2013

    I shared my wishlist on Facebook, but whenever someone clicks on the link, it says “page not found.”

  24. Rebecca / December 7, 2013

    I managed to share my wishlist on email and facebook. Hopefully it is up and running for others – if not maybe try chrome 🙂

  25. Tracy Joyner / December 7, 2013

    Here’s crossing my fingers and wishing for a win wishlist is modest and I would be SO HAPPY so have a win.

  26. Krista / December 7, 2013

    Love this contest! Would love to try the new Caspian needles 🙂

  27. Glenda Raby / December 7, 2013

    My Wish List: Namaste Harlowe bag (turquoise), Swift, ball winder, 2 skeins of each color of the Diadem yarn. By the way, I am in love with my Harmony needles–I have 2 sets!

  28. Mya / December 7, 2013

    I emailed the list, Shared it on Facebook and put it on my blog. Crossing my fingers!

  29. Shannon Yeaton / December 7, 2013

    Thanks for a great contest! I emailed this to my husband and shared on my blog.

  30. Carol yachanin / December 7, 2013

    Hope I win! It took me 45min to figure out.

  31. Carol / December 7, 2013

    I tried to enter contest thru Facebook. Hopefully the link works, like many of you I have entered these contests many times and have never won.

  32. Sylvia / December 6, 2013

    Oh my goodness. I’d love to win this!! And the winners are being announced on my BIRTHDAY! I think fate is telling me to enter. 🙂 Lol

  33. Linda Rodriguez / December 6, 2013

    I have tried and tried to send my wish list, but the captcha simply isn’t working.

  34. Sydnie Wauson / December 6, 2013

    Entered (the captcha works in Firefox browser) and shared via Twitter and on a blog at Hoping that the Twitter hashtag triggers an entry, because I didn’t save that URL.

  35. lynda Joy Brennum / December 6, 2013

    SANTA KNITPICKS, , I made my paper list, I added my wish list picks, Alas, they did not make it to the successfully sent or accepted in the cart….. SO in the hopes you see this…. I need the Sunstruck 4 inch double point needles I have 60 yo eyes and can’t see dark yarn on the harmony dbl points. I would really like 3 skeins each of Andean treasure alpaca sport weight in: Tidepool heather, royal heather, midsummer heather, to make the COLOR AFFECTION SHAWL that is popular! I hope you see my comment in time….

  36. Debbie / December 6, 2013

    I have made my wishlist and shared it twice – gonna find out if I have been naughty or nice!!! (I have been very nice…LOL) Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  37. Kathleen / December 6, 2013

    Another successful entry from the wishlist! Thanks for the fun contests knitpicks!

  38. Debbie / December 6, 2013

    I shared via email , twitter and facebook 🙂

  39. Beverly Tilton / December 5, 2013

    I emailed my wishlist to my boyfriend and I shared it on FaceBook. Good luck to everyone!

  40. Chris / December 5, 2013

    fingers will be crossed till the winners are announced!

    no issues as I had been reading from others in entering contest 🙂

    Merry Christmas to all

  41. Michelle / December 5, 2013

    Couldn’t send my wishlist through explorer (or so I thought), so tried chrome. Worked fine with chrome but apparently was sent 4 times total (two through chrome and two through explorer). I hope that doesn’t effect my entry into the contest. Would be very disappointed to be excluded because of a glitch like this.

  42. Sheila / December 5, 2013

    The Letters/Numbers sections is not working for me either – characters do not show.

  43. Ashley B / December 5, 2013

    it won’t let me share it because the capture isn’t coming up on my browser

  44. Stephanie T. / December 5, 2013

    Cant share the wish list. The Letters/Numbers sections isn’t working for me and won’t show me what to enter.

  45. Jennifer F. / December 5, 2013

    Love this contest! I dream of winning it someday! 🙂

  46. Rebecca / December 5, 2013

    I’ve tried to enter this contest multiple times before, but every time I try to share my wishlist, I get this error message.
    An error occurred while executing the application. Please try again or contact the administrator.”

  47. Tracy Wronkowski / December 5, 2013

    I cannot send my wish list because I cannot type the characters and numbers shown above because they are not showing up on my screen. Also I cannot share to facebook.

  48. Elise / December 5, 2013

    I tried sharing my list and it asks me to enter the numbers and letters I see above but I see no letters. 🙁

  49. Ashley G / December 5, 2013

    How can we let you know if we share it over social media?