Podcast 229 – Finding Inspiration with Elizabeth Zimmermann

Between our busy lives, the constant need for multi-tasking and an ever-present stream of distractions at our fingertips, it’s easy to get lost and lose sight of the simple joys, especially in knitting. This week, Kelley get’s her knitting back on track by going back to the beginnings of her fiber life – where the works of Elizabeth Zimmermann not only served as a guide to new techniques and projects, but also as a cherished companion. EZ’s unique style and sensibilities make her a loved teacher and friend amongst knitters everywhere. Hear Hear more about Kelley’s introduction to Elizabeth and reviews of her favorite EZ books, along with what new projects have found their way onto Kelley’s needles.


Elizabeth Zimmermann books reviewed:
The Knitting Workshop
Knitting Around
The Opinionated Knitter
The Knitter’s Almanac

Patterns reviewed:
Swarm of Bees Sweater by Lisa Kereliuk (from the Reclaimed collection)
Funchal Moebius by Kate Davies
Groovy Socks by Caroline Hegwer

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  1. Cheri Bader / December 12, 2013

    Couldn’t access the Groovy Sock Pattern mentioned by Kelly in the last podcast and linked to the pattern in Ravelry. Clicked on the free pattern link and it dead ended. Any ideas? It looks like a terrific pattern.

    • admin / December 16, 2013

      Hi Cheri – it was working earlier but it looks like it has been taken down, we apologize. The only thing we suggest is sending a message to the designer. Sorry!