The Coziest Granny Square Blanket

I’m free! The holidays have passed and I have wrapped and mailed the very last of the knit things since I last posted. But now that’s all done with (until my mid-July panic about making presents begins again) and now I can move on to projects that I’ve squirrelled away for quieter times.

I have a box of the special buy Chroma Worsted stashed since this year’s Cyber Monday sale (oh all those lovely blues!) which I’ve finally been able to start dipping into. I chose to do a Granny Square blanket, that way I wind up with a blanket that’s even on all edges and is finished whenever I run out of yarn. I’m still not particularly good at gauging how much yarn a crochet project will need so I figured that this was a nice, safe way to do some serious stash busting without all the worry. I used the Giant Granny Square Blanket pattern on Ravelry as a reference for how to start and have been steadily crocheting my way through the holidays.

I used a 5.5 mm crochet hook and about 6 balls of Chroma Worsted so far out of my stash of 14 balls. I keep “practice” snuggling in my blanket, trying to figure out the exact moment it’s big enough for two, I think I have about three more balls to go before I’m satisfied. Aren’t the colors lovely together? I love the more tonal shades of the special buy Chroma. I’m using C-2, H-2, Q-2, S-2 and C-1 for this wonderfully squishy fella. I’m going to add three rows of single crochet around the edges to finish things off when I feel like I’m getting close to being done.

I know quite a few of you out there also added to your stashes during the sale. What have you been crafting? Was there a favorite yarn that you managed to snag?