Technique of the Week: Kelley’s Mitten Class

Whenever I head out the door during the cold winter months, mittens are an essential part to my outfit. My hands always get so cold, especially during those early morning car rides into work – I really don’t know how I would manage without one of my many pairs of mittens! In fact, I have just started to wear holes through the top parts of where the pads of my fingers are on my very favorite pair of mittens. Instead of sulking in the tradegy of my fast fading pair of mitts, I saw this as a great opportunity to make myself another pair. So in honor of my love of mittens, we will kick of Technique Tuesday with Kelley’s Mitten class!

And just what is Technique Tuesday, you ask? Every week, we will feature a different technique, lesson, or video class to help build your crafting skills! Mittens are such a wonderful project for beginning knitters who are familiar with knitting in the round, but want to throw in a few extra skills. In addition to ribbing for the cuff, you will learn how to create a gusset for your thumb through a series of increases, which leads into the hand of the mitten that will later be tapered down through decreasing.

If you have not tried your hands at mittens before, watch through Kelley’s introduction video to her mitten class!

Follow along with Kelley through a series of 15 videos that will guide you along, step-by-step, as you knit up your first pair of lovely mittens! You’ll start by casting on with Kelley as you begin your ribbed cuff, then follow along as you create the thumb gusset, work the hand, decrease along the top and finish it off with the kitchener stitch. Kelley also shows you what you need to do to create a thumb from the gusset you created earlier on, or perhaps you would rather try the afterthought thumb – Kelley’s got you covered on that option as well!

Mittens work up so much faster than gloves, and personally, I find they are much cozier! And in case you were wondering, my love of mittens over gloves has nothing to do with the fact that I get to avoid weaving in all those ends. On second though – maybe it has everything to do with having less ends to weave in!

If you have been admiring mittens from afar, join Kelley in her mitten class as you follow along this 15-video series by clicking here.

So, are mittens a must for you or do you only go for gloves?