Summer knitting – hot water bottle covers?

Yes! Now stay with me and you will appreciate my logic.

Hot water bottle covers are small, portable knitting projects. Not heavy in your lap and easy to tote around while you are on vacation or just heading out for a picnic.

You can use up bits of yarn from projects you knit last fall and winter.

There are tons of fun designs – knitting and felting.

And, they make phenomenal gifts! Just be sure to include a bottle with the cover.

You can buy the bottles in the first aid section of your local pharmacy or even on Amazon! 

Small bottles like these are ideal for earaches. Or, migraines.

Regular sized bottles now come in a variety of colors. This flexible bottle lays nicely on your stomach if you are having an upset stomach or cramps. 

This unique cushioned hot water bottle is my favorite. It keeps its shape so you can put it behind your back easily. Most any regular sized cover, or cozy, will fit this rigid bottle but I would recommend one that opens at the bottom or in the middle. The cushion bottle doesn’t “mush” up like the soft design so it won’t slip through the narrow, neck end of a cover.

There really aren’t patterns for the small bottles. I would recommend using your favorite toe-up cast on and then use a ribbing for the neck section once you’ve worked your way up to the top. 

These are a few patterns I found on Ravelry that I liked. Besides, I wanted to play around with making a photogrid using PhotoScape. The patterns, clockwise from the top left are – All You Need cover, Quick Seed Stitch cover, Aran Felted cozy and Seamless cover.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who appreciates the qualities of hot water bottles. I would love to hear any stories, suggestions of favorite patterns or tips, you care to share.