Curious About Our Swatches?

I’m sure some of you out there love a good puzzle and we’ve definitely been seeing some wonderful guesswork about the swatches on our latest catalog cover! I’m here to solve some of them for you by listing what yarns, colorways and stitches we used in this lovely photo.

During the planning stages for this cover, we knew that we wanted to feature some of the new colorways in our multi-colored yarns. Some multi-colored yarns “pool”, some “flash” while others have more subtle transitions. The stitches we chose for each yarn really make each color pop while still allowing the stitch texture to shine.

And now, drumroll please! At the top of the page we have Shadow Tonal‘s Inkwell in a “Wave Stitch” or “Feather and Fan Stitch”, the middle swatch is Stroll Hand Painted‘s Legwarmer in a “Slip Stitch” or “Linen Stitch” and, last but not least, there is the bright, cheerful swatch of Imagination‘s Rose Red knit in a “Smocking Stitch” at the bottom of the page.