Sugarbunny Scalliwag

Do you have a favorite hat that, no matter how many hats you have, you always grab it first?  I certainly do, it’s my version of Erica Jackofsky’s Scalliwag.

(that’s Erica‘s version shown there – not mine!)

I just love this hat.  First of all, it’s a really fun pattern to make – it uses short rows to make the slouch just right (so you don’t have a ton of extra fabric in the back) plus the patterning on the brim is beautiful and keeps it snug on my head.  Like the original hat, I used Carpa for mine & I really do wear it all the time.

That is until I left it at my mom’s during a Christmas visit!  She did end up finding it but since she hasn’t sent it back to me yet, I had to spring into action.  I had 2 skeins of Sugarbunny in Melon I had planned on using for a gift for my niece. I ended up using a different yarn for her present so I had this lovely luxury yarn for something just for me! Pink isn’t normally a color I would choose for myself but since I had it, I figured I may as well make something with it.

When we got Sugarbunny in, I loved it like everyone else in the office but hadn’t really thought about using it for any projects.  But wow, I’m glad I did – it so soft & fuzzy, especially knit up.  In fact, Jenny was petting my hat before she shot these pretty pictures!

And it surprised me how well the stitch definition is – for such a soft yarn I wasn’t expecting it. It makes such a warm cap too.

It looks really odd laying flat but it really looks great on.  So now I have my favorite hat back!

Do you have a favorite hat pattern?  Share it in the comments!