After two and a half months, nearly a mile and a half of yarn, and about 100,000 stitches, the hubby’s sweater of doom is DONE!

I can hardly believe it. This was quite the monster undertaking. The Back was really the hardest part; at that point, I was about as sick as you could get of working these same cables over and over! It’s unusual for me to work on the same thing for so long, because I just get so bored and other projects start looking pretty tempting. But I resisted and persisted, and now hubby has a new sweater!

I put a nice folded crew neck on it. I think this matches nicely with the overall style of the sweater – it looks nice and traditional. I’ve yet to see it on him (it went into the wash as soon as it was finished), but I think that will look nice worn, too.

I think the best part for me (well, besides being done!) was getting to really work with Wool of the Andes Tweed. I’ve totally fallen for this yarn! The addition of the Donegal neps give it a touch of added softness and a lot of interest. The yarn and sweater are so soft to the touch it’s almost hard to believe that it’s wool.

Hopefully the sweater will be dry by tomorrow – hubby really, really wants to wear it! I know he’ll certainly get a lot of use out of it in a couple weeks when we head out to the Wallowa mountains – I will definitely get some photos of the finished product!

But now that opens up a whole other line of questions – my giant project is done, and I’m about to go to the middle of nowhere for ten days… WHAT SHOULD I KNIT? Well, being the good knitter that I am, I’ve actually already cast on another sweater! I didn’t want to have to think about a pattern or anything difficult, so I grabbed a whole bunch of City Tweed DK scraps and started a stripy cardigan. That’s going to be a pretty quick knit, so I need to think of something else that I can bring to occupy my idle hands. I think maybe it’s about time to choose one of the ‘curated’ bags of Palette in my stash and start something pretty for myself. Which one would you choose? Help me decide where to start!

There’s A, the Autumnal set:

B, Forest Jewels:

C, Soft tones:

or D, Tropical Blues:

What should go on my needles next? Let me know in the comments!