Sheep Scrubby Dishcloth

A few months back, several of us made our own dishcloths from a pattern template that Kerin created.  We wanted to celebrate the release of Dishie – plus we thought it would be really fun.  And it was!  We kept them really easy – just knits & purls – and they seemed to be popular with a lot of our customers.  Kim went a bit more complex with hers but still wanted to put it out as a free pattern. And now it’s ready!

It’s her Sheep Scrubby Dishcloth!

Kim decided that what she needed from dishcloths was a bit more scrubby-ness.  So instead of simply using knits & purls (which is pretty typical for dishcloths), she added picot bobbles, clustered into a sheep shape (because we all love sheep!).

This way, if you’re like me & wash all your dishes by hand, you can really get down and scrub those dirty dishes! Plus we have several new colors in Dishie (and our new Dishie Multi) to create a whole rainbow of sheepy scrubby dishcloths.

I featured Kim a couple of weeks ago (with her free bag pattern) and she has a couple of patterns that’s she’s getting ready to release in addition to all of her other crafty projects she just mentioned. (And I must say, all of us here in the office are jealous as she’s currently on vacation in Hawaii!).

Get your copy of the free pattern here:

Sheep Scrubby Dishcloth

Have a nice weekedn ereryone – even if you aren’t in Hawaii!