Staff Projects – We Heart Mighty Stitch

Do you have certain “yarn categories”? It never used to get that specific for me but recently it’s changed. I used to have a few favorite yarns and use them for everything under the sun. Lately, I’ve noticed that I like to make specific things with certain yarns: wool is for sweaters, superwash wool is for kids, and acrylic (even in blends) is for toys, pillows, and blankets. Apparently, my colleagues have a similar ethos, because when Mighty Stitch Bulky and Super Bulky hit the office, we wasted no time in making things for around the house that really bring a smile to our faces. Check them out, and see if they bring a smile to yours, as well!


To celebrate summer, I crocheted this banana split throw pillow for my daughters. The pattern is from Twinkie Chan’s Crochet Abode a la Mode, and it took lots of different colors of Mighty Stitch Bulky Yarn, and came out just the way I wanted! To complement it, I crocheted a simple chevron blanket to look like Neapolitan Ice Cream. I didn’t have a pattern, but would be happy to write one for it, if you’d like. My daughters love both, especially since Mighty Stitch Bulky is so, so soft. What was funny was that, at ages 2 and 4, they didn’t even know what a banana split was! The pillow was a great excuse for me to take them on a trip to the diner to find out – educational purposes, of course :)!


Stacey knitted a Mini Kitty Pouf in Mighty Stitch Super Bulky Yarn! Isn’t it the greatest? Best of all, it matches her real black and white cat. I can just see them perched together on her sofa. So hilarious! She used 2 skeins of black, and one skein of white, to make a smaller face shape than the one in the original pattern. I think it might be even cuter!


A few of my friends have had milestone birthdays lately, and what better way to celebrate it than with a birthday cake toilet paper cozy. Yes, that’s right, I am your middle age friend who brings toilet paper cozies to the party, and leaves them in your bathroom so you can find them at opportune times :). The pattern is from Twinkie Chan’s book again (I’m obsessed) worked up in Mighty Stitch Bulky Yarn. My daughters had to play with the cake for at least a few hours before the party. They were as careful as possible…


…until the toilet paper decided to make an appearance :).

I can’t say enough about Mighty Stitch Bulky and Super Bulky Yarns. They’re soft, they’re washable, and they make the greatest knit and crochet items, in no time! I have so many plans for more Mighty Stitch Projects; I just can’t wait to show you! Have you used this yarn yet? If so, for what? Do you have “yarn categories” like me, or am I completely off my rocker?

Let me know any of it, in comments. I’d love to hear!


  1. Karen / August 15, 2016

    Help please!!!! I’m looking for a circular knitted lace blanket patern for a baby gift – any ideas where I can find a pattern

  2. Rachel / August 9, 2016

    Love all of these projects and would love a pattern for that blanket!

  3. Sherecie / August 3, 2016

    So cute! I love all of these projects!!